Fun, Beach Water Activities You Can Do In Sharjah This Summer

by Deeplata Garde
Fun, Beach Water Activities You Can Do In Sharjah This Summer

Popular tourist destination Sharjah resides on the coast of UAE. Hence it makes it one of the best spots to enjoy water sports. Sharjah is full of numerous beaches, and you don’t want to miss out on the water activities around here. Every year, millions of tourists travel to Sharjah, where one of the main draws is participating in water sports. The beaches in Sharjah are in excellent condition, and both locals and visitors can engage in a variety of water sports there.

5 Water Activities You Can Do In Sharjah


The Khorfakkan Beach in Fujairah is a unique location to surf in the United Arab Emirates. On the boundary between Sharjah and Fujairah, on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, is Khorfakkan. When a high tide forms along the coast, this specific surf area produces classic beach breaks and great waves. Even though experienced surfers may find the wait lengthy, it is worthwhile.

Private Beach For Ladies

 For women who value seclusion, the Sharjah Ladies Club offers a private beach and closed pools. It has complete, private amenities such as a gym, spa, coffee shops, and restaurants. It has exclusive accommodation deals and price breaks on a range of activities in Sharjah.


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Another exhilarating water activities individuals can engage in while staying in Sharjah is having a parachute tied to a boat and towed by a boat. The best beaches in Sharjah provide a variety of beach sports, including volleyball and beach tennis, in addition to water sports.

Go Fishing

Fishing aficionados can engage in the exercise in the centre of the ocean in Sharjah. It provides for an unforgettable experience. Sharjah is host to a broad range of marine animals. There are numerous tourism businesses that provide family-friendly tours and fishing excursions.

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An exciting water bike that you must experience in the summer is the Jet Ski Dubai. Anyone can operate a jet ski, male or female. Feel endless pleasure as you cruise through many magnificent vistas, whizz around the water, and avoid waves. When you merely see the breathtaking Sharjah seacoast’s Jet Ski Mamzar, you will experience the excitement of an adventurous trip in the spectacular vistas of the United Arab Emirates.

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