Ganga Par Bridge: From Its Route To Completion Status, Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Rail-Cum Road Bridge
by Shreya Rathod

For a country to be developed and to be economically stable, its infrastructure should be at its peak! And intending to develop and restructure the country’s rail routes and roadways, the government of India started a few projects across the country. One of them was the Rail-Cum-Road Ganga Par Bridge in Uttar Pradesh. Take a look at the progress of this bridge that joins two places on either side of the River Ganga.

Ganga Par Bridge: Rail-Cum-Road In Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh is geographically one of the largest states with a humongous population. But besides everything, the place is known for the sacred River Ganga and the divine city of Kashi. But now, the state has one more thing to add to the list! A Rail- Cum- Road Bridge that spans over River Ganga. Moreover, now it is a link that joins two places on either side of the river — Ghazipur and Tarighat!

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Interestingly, these two towns are not only linked by railway line but also by road. Just like the structure of this rail-road bridge! This bridge is in the form of a double-decker — there is a railway line and a road is built above it. With a total cost of ₹600 crores utilised to make this project, it consists of two rail tracks and two road lanes, and the total length of the bridge is 1.02 kilometres. The Ministry of Railways has tweeted images of what the newly constructed bridge looks like.

Ghazipur & Tarighat

These two towns are more or less significant to the state and hence linking them was a strategic move. Consisting of seven tehsils, Ghazipur is one of the four districts of the Varanasi division. Moreover, the place is known for the opium factories that are situated from the British Era. In fact, it is still the biggest opium factory in the world.

As for Tarighat, the place lies in the Ghazipur district and is one of the busiest railway stations. Not to forget that the location also makes it an important one!

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Connecting these two towns was necessary for the easy commute and administration of the state.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry of Railways/ Twitter

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