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Life Lesson
by Ananya Singh 180

A famous monk and influential figure, Gaur Gopal Das, joined Curly Tales Sunday Brunch with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief. He mesmerised everyone with his personalised experience of monkhood. The coolest Indian monk in conversation with us answered many questions on life, happiness and relationships. Over the delicious Sattvic brunch, he guided our team and threw light on some interesting questions. Read more to find what he said about the life lesson of finding yourself that struck a chord with everyone.

Life Lesson By Gaur Gopal Das On How To Find Yourself

When Neha Nambiar from the Curly Tales team asked how one can find themselves, his reply stood out in the interview with a parallel to Michelangelo’s story. In the one-to-one interaction, the question was, “When does a person actually know they’ve found themselves?” He beautifully answered this with the story of Michelangelo. 

He explains how Michelangelo was asked how he made such beautiful sculptures out of marble. Michelangelo answered that he doesn’t make them. Sculpture already exists in the marble; he chips off the excess marble, and it evolves. Guruji says, “I feel that our self discover, our finding ourselves and our purpose is like that sculpture, hidden within us. But it is covered by a lot of excess stuff: confusion, lack of clarity, anger, trauma and frustration.” What a beautiful analogy and life lesson of Michelangelo that touches us to the core!

The Indian monk then said the journey to self-discovery never ends. It is even after what precisely you want to do or what you are. There will be no end to how you continuously improvise and be a better version of yourself. 

Safar Khoobsurat Hai Manzil Se Bhi…

Life Lesson

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Gaur Gopal Das quotes the above line and expresses how people are so focused on the destination that they forget how beautiful the journey is. He tells us how life is all about enjoying the journey and exploring its nuisances. He tells us this is what evolution is. But, being the optimistic person he is, he tells us that even after we figure it out, the journey won’t end. Because then starts the path of being better at who you are, adding more creativity to it.

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Well, now that you know how to find yourself, follow more life lessons by Gaur Gopal Das by watching the video linked above. Let’s make this journey more beautiful together!

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