Germans Are Using Fishing Rods To Pick Up Baguettes Across The French Border

by Gizel Menezes
Germans Are Using Fishing Rods To Pick Up Baguettes Across The French Border

Germans love their French Baguettes so much that they’re literally fishing for it across the border!

Due to sealed borders because of the coronavirus pandemic, Germans living near the border of France have found a rather unique way to get their daily dose of bread.

Image Courtesy: Evening Standard

Germans Are Using Fishing Rods To Pick Up Their Baguettes Across The Border

For some German residents who live near the border of France, it has been an age-old tradition to walk over to a French bakery on the other side of the border for a daily baguette. However, currently, the border, which is made of just barricades, and has been closed due to coronavirus concerns.

But the closure hasn’t stopped a few residents from getting their favorite bread across the border. They’ve found a new way to get their bread delivered, ensuring that social distancing norms are maintained. They’re now calling their favorite French bakers and asking them to deliver the baked goods over the fence at the border crossing.

Myriam Jansem-Boualit, who runs a bakery in the frontier town of Carling in France, is also doing the same to deliver bread and pastries to her customers. Reportedly, one of her loyal customers, Hartmur Fey, has started using his fishing rod to reel in the baked goods from Myriam. He walks over to the crossing and uses his fishing rod to pick up the baguette from her tote bag, ensuring that there is no hand-to-hand interaction and a safe distance is maintained between the two.

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Image Courtesy: Dunya News

A Creative Way To Get Bread Across The Border

Giving out the right message regarding social distancing, the idea has become very popular and has gone viral over social media. Not only did it spread hilarity in its right sense but also turned out to be a nice way to support bakeries.

Border closures in many frontier towns across Europe has disrupted daily life for residents. But just like Fey and his favorite baker, people are finding ingenuous ways to adapt to the situation.

You got to do all it takes to get your bread, right?

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