Lockdown Recipe Ep 3: Make Bread Rasmalai At Home

by Sanjana Shenoy
Lockdown Recipe Ep 3: Make Bread Rasmalai At Home

We at Curly Tales have given you recommendations about the best places to eat and the most exotic places to travel to, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, we might have to hold on to the recommendations for a while. But nevertheless, you can definitely prepare the most delicious dishes and gorge on the creamiest of desserts in the confines of your home. When it comes to desserts, we have an interesting recipe of Bread Rasmalai for you. Prepare a creamy, scrumptious bowl of Rasmalia with simple ingredients and share a hearty bowl of this amazing dessert with your family.


Dry Fruits
Baking Soda
Cardamom Powder


Now that you have all your simple ingredients ready, here’s how you can make Bread Rasmalai.

Step 1: Make Condensed Milk

Firstly, add 2 cups of milk ( 500 ml), and then add half a cup of sugar. Keep stirring this mixture, on a low flame so that it doesn’t stick to the pan. Then, add a pinch of baking soda. As soon as you add baking soda, you see the formation of big bubbles. The consistency of the sugary milk starts thickening and it starts reducing. This means the quantity becomes half of what it was. So keep mixing this until your hand doesn’t start painting. You can also get a tin of condensed milk from your grocery store, but if you don’t have one, then you can make it at home, like this. Once your condensed milk is ready, keep it to cool for a bit.

Step 2: Make Mixture for Rasmalai

To prepare the mixture for Rasmalai, take 2 cups of milk and put it to boil. Then add condensed milk to it. Once you see this boiling, add cardamom powder and a pinch of saffron. Proceed to add dry fruits of your choice, and keep stirring it. Till the mixture is boiling, cut the white bread into round pieces using the lid of a bottle. Refrigerate the mixture for Rasmalai for a couple of hours.

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Step 3: Dip The Bread In The Rasmalai Mixture 

Now for the final step, once the Rasmalai mixture is cooled, take the round slices of bread and dip it in the mixture. And there you have it, a cold, creamy and delicious bowl of Rasmalai. And trust us, it tastes as delicious as a normal Rasmalai, you won’t be able to make out the difference of using bread.

So now that you have this unique recipe of preparing Bread Rasmalai with simple ingredients, wear your apron and don your chef’s hat, take over your kitchen and cook a storm. While you’re at it, get on the bandwagon and try out Dalgona Coffee And 10 Other Social Media Trends During COVID-19 Lockdown