Dalgona Coffee, Gesture Challenge And 11 Other Social Media Trends During COVID-19 Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Dalgona Coffee, Gesture Challenge And 11 Other Social Media Trends During COVID-19 Lockdown

Home Quarantine and social distancing are the new words in town that are on everyone’s lips. When people all over the globe are chilling in the comforts of their homes, new social media trends are not only invented but also ruling the internet during this lockdown season. From people whipping themselves a frothy cup of Dalgona Coffee, catching up on fitness challenges, watching live interviews of their favorite celebrities, to even indulging in Antakshari Challenges with their loved ones, this surely is a time to bond and bring a little joy during this period lockdown, through social media. So apart from the popular TikTok Coffee, here are 10 other social media trends that you can be part of during this COVID-10 lockdown.

 1. #DalgonaCoffee & #DalgonaWhiskey

Coffee lovers, this is your time to wake up and not only smell but even make your own coffee. Dalgona Coffee started off as a trend in South Korea, but now it’s ruling the internet. The aesthetic appeal, simplicity and exoticness to this coffee has made it a must-try beverage in all households across the world. The recipe is super simple, all you need is 2 spoons each of instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water. Put all of this in a bowl and beat it till your arms turn sore. Once the concoction transforms into a light brown coloured frothy mixture, then take a glass of cold milk with ice cubes, and top the glass containing milk, with the frothy coffee mixture. And voila! Call it what you want but your phetun coffee, TikTok Coffee or Dalgona Coffee is ready! Dalgona Coffee was still trending when Dalgona Whiskey made an entry to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Many people are seen making their version of Dalgona Whiskey in the videos. Its making is in fact way more simple than Dalgona Coffee. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes. It’s trending on TikTok with a hashtag #DalgonaWhiskey or #DalgonaPeg.  So are you also planning to make your own Dalgona version during this lockdown?

2. #SafeHands Challenge

The #SafeHands Challenge was initiated by the World Health Organization to spread awareness on the right way to sanitize one’s hands for 20 seconds straight, to keep the coronavirus at bay. This challenge was first taken by the Director-General WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who nominated many other celebrities across the globe to take this up. This challenge involves washing hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap, posting a video of the same on social media while doing it and nominating three more people to join in. Many celebrities from across the world like Deepika Padukone, Sachin Tendulkar, Anushka Sharma, PV Sindhu, Hima Das, Selena Gomez, Olivia Wilde have participated in this challenge, and encourage their fans to do so too.

3. Online Antakshari

Baithe Baithe Bore Hue, Karna Hai Kuch Kaam. Shuru Karo Antakshari…. You might not be able to sit with your friends and family and play a great game of antakshari, but thanks to social media and video calling, you definitely can. In fact you’re not alone, celebrities have taken up online antakshari. A person sings a song in a story, tags other people with a letter for them to continue from there. The trend has caught on quickly in India. Bollywood Celebrities like Arjun Kapoor, Aparshakti Khurana and Ananya Pandey have taken this up, so why not join the bandwagon?

social media trends COVID-19 lockdown
Picture Credits: bollywoodhungama.com

4. #UntilTomorrow

Well, personally didn’t know about this challenge, until I liked my friend’s embarrassing old picture. Then I found a long message on Instagram, nominating me for the #UntilTomorow Challenge. So if you want to be a part of this fun challenge, then post an old embarrassing picture of yourself, leave it on your profile for 24 hours, then message everyone who liked the photo, to keep the trend going. This one is definitely a walk down memory lane.

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고등학생 시절? @kanghanbyul_?#untiltomorrow

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5. Ghar Baitho India

Ghar Baitho India is a social movement aimed to spread awareness for staying home during this lockdown to fight against coronavirus. From Sachin Tendulkar to Yuvraj Singh, a number of television and bollywood celebrities are taking part in this trend. They are posting their take on social media platforms by using TikTok application. There’s even a dedicated song on ‘Ghar Baitho India’ on which people are making videos and posting them on their handles.

6. #GestureChallenge

This challenge commenced on TikTok but it soon caught up on Instagram. In this challenge, an effect pops up 9 different hand gestures which are thumbs up or down, rock on, peace and so on. People have to enact these hand gestures to beat of the fast-paced ‘Lalala’ by Y2K & Bbno$ (ilkan Gunuc remix). Celebrities from across the world like Jacqueline Fernandes, Jonas Brothers and Parineeti Chopra have taken part in this followed by many people.

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Nailed it.

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7. Online Bingo

2 Fat Ladies- 88 and the Bingo love continues, but this time it’s creative, more millennial-friendly and even customized. People are sharing boxes of information designed like a bingo board and ticking off things they have done or are doing during this lockdown. Bingo cards are designed for college, school or even office specific to get in a slice of nostalgia and community togetherness. Information like ‘been fired’, ‘done the laundry’, ‘reported late to work’ ‘ever got arrested’ are given in the online bingo cards. And once you have marked all the things you’ve done then tag others to join the trend. Even brands have jumped in on this social media trend. Did you know a  Chef In Hanoi Makes Coronavirus-Themed Burgers To Boost People’s Morale?

8. #GuessTheGibberish Challenge

If you are a frequent Instagram user, you must have come across stories from your friends with ‘Guess the Gibberish’ cards. For those who don’t know about it, it’s an Instagram Story filter that shows you a randomly generated strings of words for a few seconds. The words that make no sense at all. In 10 seconds, you have to figure out the correct and sensible phrase. Once the time is up, the card shows the answer. It’s pretty easy though and that’s what has made it immensely popular. You can participate in this latest fad on Instagram and TikTok both. But first, save the ‘Gibberish filter’ on story section of Instagram. If you are getting bored at home and want to be a part of it, then go on!

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9. ‘Who’s More Likely To’ Challenge

It’s a fun challenge that you can take part in. The best thing about this one is that you can take your sibling, your spouse, your parents or anyone along and just start telling who does what and who’s more likely to do what. It’s like a Q&A played between people where some fun, weird questions are asked in an audio clip and all you have to do to answer the question is point towards each other or raise your hand. Many of the popular celebrities and users are uploading stories on Instagram and TikTok by using this ‘Who is more likely to’ Questions game Instagram filter on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok as well. It’s surely one of the most engaging and interesting challenges trending on social media right now.


10. Life Imitates Art

Life Imitates Art is an interesting challenge on social media started by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The reputed museum asked home quarantined people to recreate a piece of art using only people or objects found around their homes. The entries were then shared. People were totally on board with this, using their presence of mind, humour, spontaneity and creativity they put interesting pictures of themselves or objects at their homes imitating a beautiful piece of art.This Doll Museum In Delhi Houses 7,500 Dolls From 85 Countries & Is Not Creepy At All!

11. Fitness Challenges

There are 2 kinds of people during this lockdown, one who exercises during this lockdown and others who don’t. Well, this trending social media, fitness challenge is for the latter. There are kinds of challenges which come under fitness challenge like #See10Do10Challenge, #100SkippingChallenge, #PlankChallenge, #UpsideDownTshirtChallenge #NoEquipmentWorkout and so many more. This is a fun social media trend to encourage people to keep fit in the comfort of their home with or without gumming equipment. People take this up, amp the fitness game and encourage others to get healthier by nominating them to try this out. That was about physical health, here are 6 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During The Lockdown

12. #ToiletPaperChallenge

While India is very happy with its jet spray, the rest of the world is thriving on toilet paper. Now lets the leave the Jet Spray vs Toilet Paper debate for another day. ( It’s anyway obvious who’s the winner!) Your favourite sports stars Lionel Messi, Bruno Fernandes, Theo Walcott, Jamie Carragher have all given the #ToiletPaperChallenge a shot, or let’s say a kick. The 10 touch-toilet paper challenge is simple, juggle the toilet roll like a football 10 times before it hits the ground and nominate others to do the same. On one hand, there is a massive toilet paper shortage around the world, on the other hand people are using it like a football to complete a challenge, so you do the morality math.

social media trends COVID-19 lockdown
Picture Credits: indiatvnews.com

13. #TagYourQueens or #ChallengeAccepted

There is never too late to stock up on some Girl Love on social media. #TagYourQueens or #ChallengeAccepted is a great way for women to bond with each other and inspire one another. Women across social media are encouraging one another to upload 1 image of juts themselves. The post goes- “Too often, women find it easier to criticise each other instead of building each other up. With all the negativity out there, let’s do something positive!” In India, this has drapped itself into a saree challenge. This challenge initially started to raise cancer awareness but now it’s morphed into a girl love challenge. So girls #ChallengeAccepted?

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? I don’t always do these but #ChallengeAccepted!! ??? If I didn't tag you, please do not be offended, I tried to pick people who I thought would play along. All too often women find it easier to criticize each other instead of building each other up, with all the negativity going around, lets do something positive!! Because you ARE BEAUTIFUL!!? Upload 1 picture of yourself…ONLY you. Then tag 10 or more gorgeous women to do the same. Build yourselves up instead of tearing yourself down❤ COPY AND PASTE If I tagged you, don't disappoint me, please do it!!!!!!?? I was challenged by @catherine_d_modeling @loveeeele _ Photo: @jana_dillon Style: @valerieinstyle Model: @kendallskincare _ #womenempowerment #women #womensupportingwomen #girlpower #covid #oldhollywood

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Wonderful people out there! Here are some of the latest social media trends ruling the internet during this COVID-19 lockdown. So, connect with your friends and family and give these a shot. Here are 5 Positive Things Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak That Prove That The Earth Is Healing