Artsy, Healthy & Yummy – The Sienna Café In Kolkata Is Worth Tons Of Instagram Worthy Pictures

by Sakshi Singhania
Artsy, Healthy & Yummy – The Sienna Café In Kolkata Is Worth Tons Of Instagram Worthy Pictures

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Inspiring interiors, freshest of ingredients, healthy food options and indulgent cakes – head to Sienna café to hit up for a mystical evening, day date or work meeting.

What Is It?

A café as pretty as it gets, and one that is going to fetch you tons of Instagram worthy pictures! This artsy current favourite is located on the iconic Hindustan Park road and shall leave you inspired to say the least. It adjoins the Sienna store (houses lovely handcrafted cutlery and ethnic fashion) so you can shop alongside gorging on fresh and healthy deliciousness (expect a limited menu but simple, heart-warming meals)!

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What’s In It?

If you happen to cross past Sienna, you’re bound to be attracted to just how beautifully they’ve put up the place – simple, mystical and so quirky! The exteriors shall entice you to enter for at least a little peek inside. Think blues and whites, cute furniture made from natural materials, cane swing chairs and tons of natural sunlight during the day! Evenings are even more magical, all done up with fairy lights and an excited busy buzz. What’s more? Interesting workshops and events are hosted from time to time (pottery, textiles, childhood games and other such fun concepts) in association with the pioneers of the city.  So are you in need of inspiration or that crazily creative output? Now you know where you need to head!

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(Image Credit – Hungry Hallows)

What To Order?

Hot chocolate season ready? Try their pot of decadence that is twisted with a hint of chilli (and of course melting marshmallows)! All the food is cooked fresh and is homemade – try their authentic pesto and mozzarella on bread, the sundried tomato spaghetti, pesto fettuccini, freshly baked walnut and date crumble cake, chicken sandwich and the steamed bekti with fresh herbs.

Healthy options and ingredients are available that are so rarely found in the city (and which are also super yummy) such as the avocado salad, quinoa based dishes, freshly squeezed healthy juices or smoothies and more!

What Else?

Yummy, artsy, healthy, simple, young, inspiring, beautiful and. What else? Responsible and thoughtful to say the least! Sienna is all about sustainability and really an example for adopting environment friendly ways! Re-usable gamcha bags, sugarcane fibre packaging, copper straws and a big NO to plastic and its toxins! Need we say more?

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Where: Sienna Cafe, 49, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019
When: 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Pocket Pinch: ₹500 for two approx (without taxes)

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