Get English Countryside Vibes Inside This Charming Homestay With A Pool In Shillong

by Sanmita A
Get English Countryside Vibes Inside This Charming Homestay With A Pool In Shillong

Tall pines, chilly breeze and the warmth of Shillongites — that’s what awaits you in the abode of clouds, Meghalaya. It is not always that one comes across a pretty homestay that feels super cosy and right out of a dream. This Shillong homestay, Ri San Dor is located in Nongrah, a little away from the crowds of Police Bazar. Ri San Dor has amazing views and you’ll totally love the vibes of the place. Read on to know more.

Relax & Laze Around At This Homestay

There is absolutely nothing that can beat the leisure of a lazy day after weeks and weeks of grinding at work. And, this homestay, located amid the green hills of Shillong will provide you with the serenity you’re looking for. They have great accommodation for your Insta-worthy pictures, a pool, a view that will leave you fulfilled and great people to take care of your stay. Shillong, with its pleasant temperature and festive vibes in October, is a great place to holiday. To book your stay, or even communicate with the hosts of Ri San Dor, you can head to the link here.

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Shillong And Its Aesthetics

Shillong Homestay
Image: Pixabay

There are many properties in Shillong which have colonial-era vibes. And Ri San Dor is one such homestay in Shillong which will provide you with exactly that. The city has recently upgraded its travel and tourism to a large extent and the place is a must-visit. If you love the rain and a little blend of sun and rain doesn’t bother you, then Shillong is the right place for you to spend a delightful and satisfying vacation. Starting from the place which receives the highest rainfall in the world, Sohra to witnessing one of the cleanest villages in Asia, Meghalaya has hidden gems that are worth your time and money. So, next time you think of a mountain getaway, head to Shillong.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Sankiranglkhongwir/Ri San Dor