Pune’s First Food Truck Zone Launches In Viman Nagar

by Kritika Kukreja
Pune’s First Food Truck Zone Launches In Viman Nagar

Under 140 Characters 

An equivalent to ice cream trucks for children, adults can get mind-boggled at this Food Truck Zone at Viman Nagar in Pune.

What Is It? 

After Mumbai and Bangalore, Pune’s very first Food Truck Zone opens up this weekend at Viman Nagar. Not just that, the inauguration of the zone means a lot of fun activities planned up for you! Pune’s Food Truck Association came up with this genius idea to give you the best flavors of the city at our very own zone.

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Serving the best of all cuisines at Food Truck Zone

Equipped with some of the best cuisines from around the world, this food truck zone has opened up 8 food trucks that only serve the best.

What’s In It?

Owned by experts in their own industry, these individual food trucks represent the hard work and collab of many young talents. Here’s all that will tease our taste buds at the zone –

  1. The Eggs Factor – India’s first ever eatery that only prepared ‘eggzotic’ dishes that are based out of eggs.
  2. The Cheese Truck  – As the name suggests, there’s going to be cheese in everything. If you’re a big cheese fan, be sure to try out the dishes served at this outlet.
  3. Chow Down  – It is an outlet that serves the mightiest tacos, burgers, nachos and BBQ snacks.
  4. Taste in Town – As you guessed it, they serve the most sinful desserts that are glorious to watch and orgasmic to taste.
  5. 3 Bhukkhads – They serve the best comfort food if you’re having a bad day. Just head over to 3 Bhukkhads and enjoy your helpings of rolls, sandwiches and a lot more.
  6. Hakuna Matata – Their specialty is deep fried ice creams along with refreshing mojitos, salads and many more delicacies.
  7. Fork the Kebab – This place is a tandoori heaven for those who are interested. Get a whiff of some kebabs, tandoori chicken, biryanis and more tandoori ecstasy.
  8. Wheelers – Make way for Mexican cuisine with Wheelers. Giving the best and only the best out here.


Food Truck Zone at Viman Nagar, Pune

What Else?

Food Trucks make everyone happy. You can tune in to the launch of Pune’s Food Truck Zone or go visit it any time as you please. With multi-culinary options, there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t find this food truck zone interesting.

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Food Truck Zone


Address: NEW AIRPORT ROAD, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 4110014

Phone: 9960033995

Cuisines: Mexican, Continental, American, Thai, Fast Food, Biryani, Finger Food, Barbeque & Grills, North Indian, Desserts, Street Food, Salad

Food trucks mean happiness, so when are you going to grab yours?

Tease your taste buds at Food Truck Zone in Pune


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