Get Ready To Spend More On Vegetable Shopping As Onion Prices Set To Surge Soon!

by Shreya Ghosh
Get Ready To Spend More On Vegetable Shopping As Onion Prices Set To Surge Soon!

Are you tired of paying an excruciating amount to buy only a few pieces of tomatoes from the market? Well, we might need to shell out more in the retail market as the next item to see a hike in prices is onion. Indian cuisine and most of our regular dishes primarily need onions and tomatoes. And unfortunately, consumers are facing a hard time buying some necessary ingredients.

Prices Are Going To Increase Very Soon!

Onion Prices
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It is estimated that 1 kg of onions is going to cost about ₹60 to ₹70 in the month of September, according to a report by Deccan Herald. Several necessary cooking ingredients are being sold at a high price right now and the surge in onion prices is going to be a major blow for both households and eateries.

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Here’s Why Onion Prices Are Set To See A Rise

Various reasons are responsible for the expected increase in onion prices.

Onion Prices
Picture credit- Canva
  • There is a chance of experiencing an imbalance in supply according to the demand. And this issue can turn out to influence the rise in costs at the end of this month, according to the Topical Analysis of Food Prices by CRISIL.
  • One of the reasons behind the upcoming hike in onion cost is the Kharif season seeing lesser sowing this year.
  • Another key reason here is the storage problems.
  • Onions cultivated in the rabi season usually have a shelf life of half a year. But the incessant rainfall in March interfered with the production quality and this triggered in decreasing the onions’ shelf life. Now, it is expected that the onions of rabi season are going to have a shelf life of about 4 to 5 months.

There was a major supply of this vegetable in the market back in February. It was about 12 per cent more in comparison to 2022, according to a Deccan Herald report. This was the reason behind the lowering of costs.

Cut to the present, CRISIL further shared in a report that the hike in cost might continue till the production of the late kharif season reaches the markets.

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Many of us are somehow managing to cook either with alternatives of tomatoes or without the veggie. But what to do when the onion prices will skyrocket?

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