Get Tipsy At The Iconic Janata Bar In Bandra

by Natasha Monteiro
Get Tipsy At The Iconic Janata Bar In Bandra

Under 140 Characters

This iconic bar in Mumbai has been a crowd favourite for both the young & old.

What Is It?

Janata Bar & Restaurant in Bandra is a small inconspicuous looking bar that’s filled with the willful young of Mumbai and the older lot. Janata is nestled between high end clubs and restaurants and is entirely for those who could do without unpretentiousness.

Janata Bar

The best bit though is that you make new friends by sharing tables. If you come as a couple or in a group of 2-3, chances are you’re going to be sharing a table. A great way to make friends! Occasion or not, chug your drinks for a happy mood or eat lip-smacking delicacies. We particularly loved the chicken lollipops and the roast chicken chilly.

Janata Bar

Another queer fact is that you don’t always get served in pegs but more so in quarters. And the way we see it, the more the merrier! *Hic Hic*

Oh, and they’re unofficially opened until 3am! So you can order even after the shutters are down!


Address: Janata Bar And Restaurant, 78/A, Doctor BR Ambedkar Road, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Phone: 022 2605 8403


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