Girls, Rohit Saraf Is Single | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Girls, Rohit Saraf Is Single | Curly Tales

The new episode of Sunday Brunch Specials With Zomato was indeed very special as our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani hosted her two friends. The Mismatched stars Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli were the special friends we are taking about. They had endless heart to heart conversations, pulled each others legs and gorged on some delicious food. Isn’t that how a get together of friends look like? Keep reading to get a sneak peek into the fun they had. 

Heartthrob Of Million Girls Rohit Saraf

Rohit Saraf, Prajakta Koli and our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani bingedon Rohit’s favourite Food item Pizza while playing Eat O Meter by Zomato. Kamiya asked questions to Prajakta and Rohit about each other in the game. When she asked Prajakta about who is on Rohit’s speed dial, she quickly answered, “His Mumma and Kim”. Baffled by the name, Kamiya asked her about Kim and she informed her that Kim is Rohit’s secretary. She asked Prajakta about Rohit’s girlfriend because its always right to ask friends and there came a revelation. ‘Girls, Rohit Saraf is Single’, Kamiya announced it to the camera. Phew! Hearing that felt so good.



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Fun, Drinks And Good Food

Rohit Saraf became Barman and served drinks to Prajakta and Kamiya. When Kamiya asked Rohit if he would like to make drinks for the ladies, Rohit’s face simply lit up. He called it his honour and went straight behind the bar table. The three also gorged on some cheesy Pizza after the drinks. The trio relished Rohit and Prajakta’s favourite food from their favourite restaurants. With endless conversations, drinks and food, this Sunday Brunch Specials With Zomato episode seemed more like a sneak peek into a friend group of three chilling together. Did you watch the episode? No? What are you waiting for? Go watch it now!

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Phew! He is single!

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