Global Village Breaks Guinness World Records For Having The Most LED Lights On Car

by Yogita Chainani
Global Village Breaks Guinness World Records For Having The Most LED Lights On Car

After surviving lockdown for over 7-months, UAE-ites finally got a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves at Global village. The global village which reopened for its silver Jubilee last month is breaking records since then. The global village which aims to break 25 Guinness Worl Records to celebrate its 25th season, just broke its second Guinness World Record of the year and how. Yep, that’s right! Global village broke the record for having the most LED lights on a car.

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Global Village Had Broken It’s First Guinness World Record On October 30

What’s more? Well, the winning vehicle boasted 37,676 LED lights all over it, creating a stunning effect, which was meant to break the records. Well, before this too, Global village had managed to break the record for the most videos in a music medley video. On 30 October, musicians from Rockin’1000, the world’s largest rock band took to the stage to celebrate Global Village’s 25th season. The incredible musical spectacular was witnessed by audiences across the globe via the fest’s Youtube channel.

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Looking ahead, Global Village has its sights set on making more history this season as guests are taken on a unique 25-week adventure full of thrills and excitement. And if you are planning to go to Global Village soon, then you must know that the ticket will cost AED 15 years. Entry for children under three, people of determination, and seniors aged 65 and above will be free.


Time: Saturday from 2 pm to 11 pm, Sunday to Wednesday from 4 pm to midnight and Thursday and Friday, 4 pm to 1 am, with last entry at 12.30 am).

With Diwali here, you have to visit the Global village.