Goa To Launch 500 Electric Buses To Help Tourists Explore Coast In Green Way

by Ishita Agarwal
Goa To Launch 500 Electric Buses To Help Tourists Explore Coast In Green Way

Goa state government has submitted a request to the national government to acquire 500 electric buses to strengthen the bus transportation network in Goa’s coastal state and deploy green technology to assist visitors in getting about. This policy is part of the state’s efforts to make travel more convenient for visitors and locals. According to the state’s prime minister, Pramod Sawant, weekend public transportation will launch in Goa. The facility promotes monsoon tourists, interior tourism, and exploration of the state’s wildlife preserves.

Here Are All The Details Of The Electric Buses In Goa

Tuenkar, the chairman of the Goa government’s Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL) and a member of Parliament from the Navelim constituency, told IANS that the buses will purchase under the FAME India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India) initiative.

KTCL now operates a fleet of 50 electric (air-conditioned) buses. With an additional 100 buses, which are yet to deliver as part of the second order. “Our third plan calls for the purchase of 500 electric buses. Tuenkar said that after the buses to us, “we will be able to increase our transportation route.”



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To transport medical professionals to and from their places of employment, they have requested that a bus service should also start for them. Schools have also used our services. In addition, numerous Members of Parliament have urged to implement of the KTCL service in outlying parts of the constituency they represent.

Tuenkar said that, in addition to providing services to the state’s residents, KTCL strives to offer excellent amenities for visitors that come to the state.

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