Goa’s Gem, Rockpool, Reopens; Indo Warehouse NYC Takes Over For A Night Of Beats & Bliss!

Mark your calendars for an evening that will let you craft timeless memories in the heart of Goa.

by Mallika Khurana
Goa’s Gem, Rockpool, Reopens; Indo Warehouse NYC Takes Over For A Night Of Beats & Bliss!

In the wistful embrace of Goa’s timeless Chapora Fort, a new chapter unfolds atop a cliffside canvas. Imagine a setting where elegance and music converge in a breathtaking symphony—a scene where Rockpool, nestled in the cradle of luxury, prepares to host an event that promises to ignite the very soul of W Goa. Amidst this backdrop, an exhilarating collaboration emerges, marking an unprecedented union between Rockpool and the illustrious Indo Warehouse, a New York-born label poised to set the stage ablaze with its Indian debut.

Indo Warehouse NYC Lands At Rockpool

W goa
Photo Credits: Press Release

Rockpool emerges as a sanctuary of grandeur, gracefully perched upon a cliffside canvas. It is orchestrating an unprecedented collaboration with Indo Warehouse for an unforgettable event on January 5, 2024. Indo Warehouse, the heralded record label and experiential series hailing from the heartbeat of New York City, prepares for its maiden voyage into India. Their allure lies in a captivating sound, a fusion of South Asian-inspired house and techno—a genuine testament to their heritage.  

This exclusive affair will feature a triumphant homecoming tour of Indo Warehouse, the illustrious platform and label originating from the bustling streets of New York. 

With fervour and finesse, the founders Kahani and Kunal Merchant, will grace the stage. They will also be joined by a league of exceptional DJ producers from their esteemed label. As the spotlight illuminates Indo Warehouse at Rockpool, this collaboration will take W Goa into the new year with a blaze of excitement. 

Join Goa’s Ultimate Fusion Fiesta

indo warehouse
Photo Credits: Press Release

Rockpool beckons as an enticing refuge, a luxury beach-facing lounge that beckons patrons to revel in a bespoke charm. From twilight till dawn, it enchants with a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and Vagator Beach. Indo Warehouse stands tall among the fastest-growing movements in dance music, boasting sold-out shows across continents. Their sonic tapestry intricately weaves sounds, rhythms, and textures from their South Asian roots.

This collaboration is an invitation to revel in the fusion of elegance and beats. Here, every passing second will be etched in the annals of time. So, mark your calendars and immerse yourself in this symphony of luxury and music. At Rockpool, each beat pulses with elegance, and every instant transcends into the timeless.

Where: Rockpool, W Goa
When: From 5th January 2024
Cost: ₹999

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release and Indo Warehouse/Instagram

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