Get Paid ₹29,44,989 To Look After 2 Golden Retrievers & 6 Storey Townhouse In London

At a certain point in time, everyone has contemplated getting a pet for themselves. Especially a dog. I mean, it’s just impossible to not love the pooches who only offer you happiness and unconditional love (unless you prefer cats). More often than not, there’s always that one person in the family who plays a dampener because of their so-called “allergy” to dogs. If you have experienced something similar, you know the pain of not having a dog. But not anymore. If you love dogs as much as we do then you could take care of two of the cutest golden retrievers in London and get paid $41,000 for it! This isn’t a drill, here’s all you need to know.

London Golden Retriever

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Get Paid $41,000 (₹29,44,989) For Looking After Dogs In London

You read that right. A staffing company in London is looking for a person to live in a 6-story townhouse in London and look after two golden retrievers. Known as Oscar and Milo, this loving duo has become quite famous on the internet with this interesting new proposition. Not only do you get to be around two very playful dogs but you could potentially be making $38,500 to $41,000 to just look after them.

London Golden Retrievers

Image credits: House Beautiful

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The job that was posted by Silver Swan Recruitment says that they are looking for someone who could work as a caretaker for the luxurious home in the upscale neighbourhood of Kensington in London. The person is also expected to be a housekeeper and a vegan cook every now and then. The daily tasks of the person would include housekeeping, taking the dogs on a walk, feeding them, grocery shopping, taking calls and more.

Since it’s a live-in job, the person will also be given a room of their own within the massive townhouse. All you have to do is work through Monday to Friday and get the occasional weekend off. People who have had experience looking after pets before are eligible to apply for the position. We think that this is a pretty sweet deal and is bound to get snapped up really quickly. So, if you’d like to enjoy more than a cup of tea with these dogs, this is the best opportunity you can possibly get!

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