Good News! Bengaluru Metro’s Purple Line Connecting Challaghatta-Whitefield To Be Completed By Aug

by Tejashee Kashyap
Good News! Bengaluru Metro’s Purple Line Connecting Challaghatta-Whitefield To Be Completed By Aug

Metros provide a rapid and efficient mode of transportation, particularly in densely populated urban areas. The Bengaluru Metro, also known as “Namma Metro,” is a crucial one and passengers have been looking forward for the Challaghatta station to the Whitefield Kadugodi purple metro line. However, now, it has been postponed to August for opening.

The Complete Purple Line To Be Opened By August

Purple metro line
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The Purple Line, which was the first route on which  Namma Metro rolled into the city, was supposed to be completed this July, but things were deferred for technical reasons. The Bengaluru Metro is working to complete the two missing stretches on the Purple line.

This will connect the Western and Eastern sides of the IT city. The missing stretch would be a 2km- segment between KR-Pura and Baiyappanahalli and another 2 km stretch from Kengeri to Challaghatta. The trial runs should happen by mid-July and should be open to the public by August.

The delay was pointed out because of the Garudacharpalya station that was currently providing power for the recently opened railway. This has to be moved to Baiyappanahalli station and hence, will take time to do this. The opening of the entire east-west corridor will drastically reduce travel time for passengers, making it a game-changer for the city’s mobility landscape.

When this stretch is completed, the entire Purple Line will have 37 stations covering a 43.5 km distance.  And then, it will take only 1 hour and 40 minutes to travel between Challaghatta and Whitefield by metro.

On March 25, PM Modi officially opened the 13.71-km-long Kadugodi-K R Pura section. Currently, this corridor sees an average of 26,000 to 27,000 commuters each day. He inaugurated the first metro line to the IT hub of Whitefield.

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Bengaluru Metro Has Been A Significant Help To The People

The metro system has significantly enhanced the transportation infrastructure of Bengaluru. It has brought about time and cost savings for commuters. By providing faster travel times compared to road transportation, it helps people reach their destinations more quickly and efficiently.

The metro system has greatly improved connectivity within Bengaluru. The metro network reaching Challaghatta enhances connectivity to Mysuru Road.

Moreover, the Bengaluru Metro has led to increased connectivity to business districts and commercial areas, attracting investments and spurring the growth of industries. It has also played a role in attracting businesses, leading to the development of transit-oriented projects and contributing to the overall growth of the city’s economy.

When do you think the Purple Line will be fully ready?

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