Good News! Children From Low Income Group Will Get Free Travel In KSRTC & Private Buses From Nov 1

by Shreya Rathod
Good News! Children From Low Income Group Will Get Free Travel In KSRTC & Private Buses From Nov 1

Kerala has an excellent reputation in the field of education. In fact, it was the first state to achieve 100 per cent literacy. Recently, the Kerala government has introduced another benefit for children from low-income group and started free travel in buses!

Kerala: Children From Low Income Group Will Get Free Bus Travel!

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Children from extremely low-income families will be able to ride for free on KSRTC and private buses for educational purposes, according to a statement from the Keralan government. The decree will take effect on November 1st.

Free travel will only be permitted for educational purposes, according to a directive from the transportation department. With the new decree taking effect, all transport costs for kids from the state’s 64,000 extremely impoverished families will be waived.

The facilities to study in the nearby school will be made available to the kids who have completed the tenth standard. Scholarships for further education, stipends, and free meals in the campus cafeteria will also be made available. The remaining ration card conversion applications should be finished right now. All persons on the extremely poor list who were not technologically handicapped were also given entitlement paperwork.

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All students up to higher secondary level are currently eligible for free KSRTC service. There is a discounted cost for college students. All students can ride private buses for a discounted rate.

Other Travel Schemes By State Governments

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In Maharashtra, the state government had introduced a 50 per cent discount on bus tickets for female passengers. The “Mahila Samman Yojana” would be used to provide the benefit, and the state government would pay the company back for the concession. For MSRTC, more than 15,000 buses and ferries carry more than 50 lakh passengers each day. For different social categories, there are discounts on tickets ranging from 33 to 100 per cent.

Earlier, to enable school and college-going kids in the state to download their free bus passes, the Tamil Nadu Transport Department had set up an online portal. The programme was introduced by State Transport Minister SS Sivasankar, and it became operational on September 7th.

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