Good News Folks! Oman Legalize Marrying Foreigners In The Country! No Approval Is Required!

by Deeplata Garde
Good News Folks! Oman Legalize Marrying Foreigners In The Country! No Approval Is Required!

Every country in the Gulf seems to try to become liberal and break social norms that have been followed for ages here. The latest one to follow the trail is Oman. What’s happening there you ask? Well, Omanis can now marry any foreign national without needing approval. That’s a revolutionary reform that has been now confirmed by the Oman government. Let’s check out the details of this act.

Oman Liberalise Marrying Foreign Nationals Without Approval

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The good news was announced by the Sultan of Oman, Haitham bin Tarik. In the announcement, he proceeds with the statement that the law governing Omanis marrying foreigners has changed. The new decree on marriage laws was passed on Sunday in Oman.

This confirms that there would be no permit or prior approval required to marry non-Omanis. .The royal decree had seven articles, the first of which provided for the deletion of the prior law’s authority to issue laws governing Omani marriages to non-Omanis and amending the law governing Omani nationality.

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Let’s Go Through The Summary Of 7 Articles

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  1. The implementation of the previous law that barred Omanis and non-Omanis marriage has been cancelled.
  2. The new decree is not to create a conflict with any other law system in Oman like Islamic Sharia and other public or royal decrees that prohibits marriage to a foreigner as a requirement for holding or continuing to hold certain public positions of significance or special nature.
  3. Records showing cases of Omanis marrying foreigners within the Sultanate of Oman must be kept in conformity with all applicable laws and royal decrees.
  4. Prior to the date of this decree’s entry into effect, foreign official authorities may issue documents attesting to Omanis’ marriages to foreigners, provided that the Oman Foreign Ministry validates them
  5. The decree has to be implemented by the judicial authorities in their respective zones.
  6. All provisions of this decree that are inconsistent with or in violation are repealed.
  7. The decree will be published in the country’s official gazette and the publishing date would be considered the commencement.

So if you are an Omani or know anyone from the country make sure you spread the news with us.

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