Good News! Soon You Can Reach Noida Airport In Just 10 Minutes From KMP & Yamuna Expressways

by Shreya Rathod
Good News! Soon You Can Reach Noida Airport In Just 10 Minutes From KMP & Yamuna Expressways

Even after seventy-five years of independence, India is struggling to establish internal road connectivity. There are a few areas where you will experience a lot of traffic and poor roads. However, this is changing with time. The authorities are taking efforts to solve this problem and provide a direct, congestion-free road for people. One of the examples is the broadening of Mohan Marg into a four-lane road. And soon, Noida International Airport will be just ten minutes away. Here are the details of this new direct connection between Noida airport and other Delhi-NCR cities.

Mohan Marg Construction

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The region of Greater Noida and Faridabad is divided by the Yamuna River. Though the distance looks less, it takes more than two hours for people to travel to and from these cities. All this is because of the absence of a functional bridge. To tackle this issue, the authorities have decided to introduce a direct connecting line between these cities. The Mohan Marg is being converted into a four-lane road that will join KMP Expressway, and will make travel easier for everyone. Moreover, this twelve-kilometre road is always packed with traffic and makes it impossible to reach any other place in time. This new addition of lanes will help reduce the traffic and prove to be a beneficial move for business.

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Noida International Airport Is Just Ten Minutes Away

This new four-lane road will join Kundli–Manesar–Palwal Expressway or KMP Expressway. And will meet on the Yamuna Expressway near Dankaur— from where the Noida International Airport is just ten minutes away. This will reduce the time taken to travel from Delhi-NCR cities to the airport. Moreover, the distance to reach this airport from Faridabad will be reduced to an estimated forty-five minutes. The Mohan Marg will also improve connectivity between Sotai, Chandawali, Machhgar, Dayalpur, Mothuka, Panhera, Junhera, Atali, Maujpur, Panhera Khurd, Mohana, Bukharpur, Heerapur villages.

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The construction is estimated to complete in 2024.

Cover Image Credits: Canva Image (Rep Img)