Gotipua Is A Traditional Dance Of Odisha In Which Young Boys Dress In Feminine Attire To Perform This Folk Dance

Gotipua is an eye-catching acrobatic and traditional folk dance.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Gotipua Is A Traditional Dance Of Odisha In Which Young Boys Dress In Feminine Attire To Perform This Folk Dance

Think of a village near Puri in Odisha that is culturally seeped in vibrant and beautiful paintings, ancient traditions, folklore and several other unique art forms with one that stands out the most. It is a dance form which is famous for young boys dancing clad in traditional silk dance costumes with Chandan drawings on faces as makeup and more. It is called Gotipua, a mesmerising dance which you absolutely cannot miss when you visit this village just 15 km from Puri. Let’s learn more about it.

Gotipua Is One Of Odisha’s Traditional Dance Forms

If you have ever been to the culturally rich state of Odisha, then you know how much of their lives revolve around the mighty Lord Jagannath! The famous Jagannath Temple is located in Odisha and we are just 15 km away from this holy place. Raghurajpur, a village where travellers come to witness the traditional art forms of art, music and dance. The most eye-catching ones are patachitra, dating back to 4th-century traditional paintings with details of folk tales on a cloth, and Gotipua, a traditional folk dance form.

If you plan on wandering the streets of Raghurajpur, you might hear blissful music and rhythmic beats. Follow the sound and witness Gotipua where young boys dress up in feminine attire. They adorn in flowers in their long hair, vibrant lipsticks, face paintings and thick kohl-rimmed eyes. It is hard not to miss the colourful silk traditional dress, Kanchula and Nibibandha, along with the traditional jewellery of Odisha specially made for this dance.

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The word Goti means single and Pua means boy, hence the folk dance is aptly named. This energetic and unique dance of Odisha is an amalgamation of acrobatic moves and Bandha or Moksha Nrutya. The quick foot movements, flexible body, fast choreographed steps and more enhance the exuberance of Gotipua. 

History About This Fascinating Dance Form

  • The traditional folk dance, Gotipua was earlier performed as a ritual at the Lord Jagannath Temple. 
  • Back then it was not just limited to young boys, rather it was performed by Maharis or Devadasis.
  • The dancers of this traditional dance of Raghurajpur are believed to be feminine companions of Lord Krishna during his childhood.
  • Between the ages of 5 to 15 years, boys participate in this art form. They are put in Gurukuls since an early age. In this manner, this ancient dance is kept alive through cultural rituals and traditions.
  • Gotipua is one such dance form that basically inspired the classical Odissi, how interesting is that?

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Did you know about this traditional dance form of Raghurajpur?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
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