Groom Wears Only Shorts For Wedding & Netizens Can’t Keep Calm; Pics Viral

Groom Wears Shorts Wedding
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1743

Two of the many attractions of a wedding are the costumes of the bride and groom. A groom usually dons gorgeous and elegant attires according to different traditions. But due to an unfortunate incident, this Indonesian groom had to skip the classy Javanese wedding outfit and wear a pair of shorts instead on his big day. The picture of the groom in shorts has gone viral on social media. Suprapto, the groom, met with an accident just four days before his marriage that did not allow him to wear the wedding attire. An arm-sling was also attached to his shoulder with bandages on several parts of his body. But overcoming the challenges, he attended his wedding ceremony in shorts.

Groom Wears Shorts Wedding

Picture Credits: Twitter/@br0wski

The Groom Had An Accident And He Unwent A Surgery

According to a Times Now report, Elinda Dwi Kristiani, the bride, told local media, “My husband was involved in an accident while he went out to buy petrol. He suddenly lost consciousness on the way, then he fell off the motorcycle.” Suprapto underwent an operation after the accident. The wedding ceremony took place at Elinda’s residence in Nganjuk Regency, East Java. A man with the Twitter handle @br0wski shared the picture of the bride and groom. One user commented, “You’ll never walk alone”. Another wrote, “the show must go on.”

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Another Woman Got Married Through Window After Testing COVID-19 Positive

In another incident, a bride from California got married to her beau through the window after testing positive for coronavirus. Lauren Jimenez had tested positive for the virus three days before her marriage with Patrick Delgado. So they exchanged vows through the window, holding two sides of a long rope. Lauren sat at the second-storey window of a house and Patrick was standing on the ground. And holding the rope, from the window, Lauren uttered, “I do.” Photographer Jessica Jackson shared their pictures on social media which won the hearts of many people.

Groom Wears Shorts Wedding

Picture Credits: Instagram/Jessica Jackson (jesscaste)

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It’s true that love can give us the power to fight the toughest of hurdles. Meanwhile, here are a few things to which you can relate if you had attended a virtual wedding during the lockdown:

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