Kolkata Couple Designs Wedding Menu Inspired By An Aadhaar Card; Amuses Social Media

aadhaar card menu
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy1517

Let’s admit it, wedding food is one of the main reasons we attend weddings, in the first place. Over the past few months, people have innovated wedding menus to makes guests feel at home during both virtual or on-site weddings. From a Maggi counter making a 2-minute appearance to a traditional South Indian platter with banana leaf sent to homes of guests for a delicious virtual wedding experience, wedding food has definitely got a quirky twist. Now, a Kolkata couple has joined the bandwagon. The bride and groom designed a wedding food menu inspired by an Aadhaar card. This interesting menu amused not only the guests at the wedding, but netizens as well.

Wedding Menu Inspired By Aadhaar Card Amuses Social Media

Gogol Saha and Subarna Das, hailing from Kolkata’s Rajarhat area designed their wedding food menu like an Aadhaar card. The photos of this unusual menu were shared by a guest on Facebook. And it went viral on social media. Gogol Saha stated to India.com, “It was my wife Subarna’s thought, and as we both support ‘Digital India’ what could have been a better way to show support than this?” He further chuckled that many guests were surprised to see this unusual menu card and even joked with him if they required Aadhaar cards to attend weddings these days. Saha further added to India.com “Many even asked me if I left my Aadhaar card on the dining table, and this was extremely funny. ”

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aadhaar card menu

Picture Credits: Facebook

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Couple Showed Their Support For Digital India Through The Menu Cards

The couple got married on February 1. Gogol is a sales and marketing professional and Subarna is a healthcare professional.  Their support for “Digital India” was shown in a very unique way, where their wedding menus reflected their thoughts on the same. Well, you might need identification cards while travelling, or for official work, but this is the first time you’d even see it at a wedding.

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aadhaar card menu

Picture Credits: India.com

Unique weddings themes are not new these days, especially during the pandemic. A Chennai couple recently scuba dived 60-feet underwater in traditional attire and got married under the sea. If you’re missing the fun, then here’s a fun video of how virtual weddings happen these days. 


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