Guests Get South Indian Wedding Food With Banana Leaf Home Delivered Amid Virtual Wedding

by Sanjana Shenoy

This year 2020, we’ve seen a huge change in the way weddings take place in India. The Big Fat Indian Wedding has now transformed into smaller and safer weddings, with restricted guest lists along with masks and sanitisers making an appearance. Virtual weddings also seem to bind excited guests from all across the world. But the golden question remains, what about shaadi ka khaana? Nothing can pretty much replace that deliciousness, which seems to be one of the main reasons that people love attending weddings. Well, one father from Chennai found an answer to this. to make his son’s wedding perfect, he came up with the idea of delivered the wedding food to the homes of guests, so they could enjoy this while attending the wedding virtually. Read on to know more.

Chennai Family Sends Wedding Food To Homes Of Guests

To make his son’s wedding a memorable affair amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one father in Chennai came across a fascinating idea of delivering South Indian plantain meal at the doorsteps of guests. So, they can enjoy the wedding feast while attending the wedding virtually. An invitation to the wedding and the feast were delivered to the homes of guests.

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However, one father in Chennai wanted his son’s wedding to be perfect. He came up with the idea of delivering the “shaadi ka khaana” at the doorstep of the wedding guests! Yes, you read that right. For this marriage in Chennai, wedding feasts were delivered at home. An invitation to the wedding along with the wedding feast delivered at the homes of a wedding guest has gone viral on social media.

Picture Credits: Twitter/ Astro_Healer_Sh

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Caterers Delivered Over 700 South Indian Wedding Food Packages; Guests Savoured Amid Virtual Wedding

According to a Times Now report, Arusuvai Arasu Caterers cooked the wedding feast and delivered 700 packages it to the doorsteps of over 250 homes. The caterers used the help of a technology-enabled logistics firm named Unanu Technologies. Srinivasan Sundararajan, a friend of the host, runs this app. Sundararajan stated to The Hindu, “We just had to deliver the bags, it was a return gift for the recipients. There were a lot of challenges, but it was a learning experience. As the size of each package was different and huge, it was impossible to deliver it on bikes using food delivery agents and that personal touch would also have been lost if it was done through them.”

Picture Credits: Twitter/ Astro_Healer_Sh

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The kalyana sappadu (wedding feast) came in 4 colourful bags. Each of the bags had two big and two small tiffin boxes and banana leaves. And that’s not all, an instruction manual instructed guests on where to place the 12 items on the banana leaf for an authentic South Indian wedding meal experience. From sambhar, rasam to payasam, guests could enjoy the 12 dishes while attending the wedding virtually. This unique concept went viral and impressed netizens across India. So, if you need tips to attend any virtual weddings this year, here’s a fun video!