Ladki Wale & Ladke Wale Masks Become Popular In Surat During Wedding Season

Ladki Wale and Ladke Wale Masks Surat
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1942

The wedding season has arrived and our social media feeds are already flooded with loads of wedding pictures. However, this year, weddings are taking place amid the new normal of coronavirus pandemic with adherence to the measures of hygiene and safety. While talking about wedding attires, in addition to gorgeous lehengas, suits, sarees, coats and tuxedos, masks have become the mandatory protection gears. And to take the face mask trend a notch higher, a Surat-based designer, Pooja Jain has introduced unique ladki wali and ladke wale masks for the wedding season. The prices of these masks start at ₹50 and go up to ₹500. Read on to know more.

Ladki Wale and Ladke Wale Masks Surat

Picture Credits: ANI

Special Masks For The Bride’s Gang And The Groom’s Gang

Ladki wali and ladke wale masks are drawing attention in Surat after the start of the wedding season. Surat-based designer Pooja Jain has come up with a wide variety of these special masks whose prices range from ₹50 to ₹500. Speaking to ANI, the designer has said that her team has made a large number of masks for the wedding season and they have tried to give many varieties to their customers. She added that in today’s time, masks have become a ‘fashion style statement’. These special masks can cater to the needs of the bridegroom, the bride’s gang, the groom’s gang and in Pooja’s words, they can also be gifted as giveaways inside jute bags. There are printed masks, masks with zardosi work, beaded masks, etc. Meanwhile, a scuba diving group had recycled ocean plastics into face masks.

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Quirky Masks From Around The World

With the COVID-19 pandemic in place, face masks have become the most popular term of 2020. People from all over the world are experimenting with this safety attire. For example, in Iraq, a woman added rose petals to her face mask. A Manila resident improvised a face shield made from a plastic water tank to protect himself from the virus. What’s more, a Palestinian mother even used cabbage to create face masks for her children.

Ladki Wale and Ladke Wale Masks Surat

Picture Credits: Pinterest

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Have you also come across an out-of-the-box face mask like these? If yes, tell us about it in the comments section below. Meanwhile, here are 6 global coronavirus-themed food to take you aback:

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