Odisha Businessman Dons Gold Face Mask Worth ₹3.5 Lakhs

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1953

The coronavirus pandemic has made face masks a necessity. And while masks have become a part and parcel of our lives, people have also found unique ways to innovate it. Punekar,  Shankar Kurade recently got himself a gold face mask worth ₹2.89 lakhs. And now, Odisha businessman, Alok Mohanty followed his footsteps and bought a gold face mask worth ₹3.5 lakhs from Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazar.

gold mask odisha

Picture Credits: hindi.asianetnews.com

Alok Mohanty A Businessman From Odisha Gets Gold Face Mask

Alok Mohanty a businessman from Cuttack in Odisha got a face mask made out of gold for himself. Since childhood, the businessman was obsessed with gold. Mohanty wears chains, rings, bracelets, watches and even caps made of gold. So, he came to know about a Punekar getting a face mask made of gold. And then again he got to know about people purchasing diamond-studded masks in Surat worth ₹4 lakhs from jewellers. This piqued Alok Mohanty’s interest. He immediately contacted a jeweller at Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai. Mohanty got his mask made.

gold mask odisha

Picture Credits: indiatoday.in

The Gold Face Mask Took 22 Days To Create & Has 90-100 Grams Of Gold

Hie N-95 mask has intricate gold filigree work on it. This mask took 22 days to create. It cost the businessman ₹3.5 lakhs. The mask contains 90-100 grams of gold. And its has minute breathing holes to make it comfortable for wear. Alok Mohanty stated to India Today “I have been wearing gold (ornaments) since the last 30-40 years. Wearing gold is my weakness. After seeing people wearing gold masks, I immediately asked my jeweller to design one for me.”

gold mask odisha

Picture Credits: indiatoday.in

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Alok Mohanty has a business of furniture items. He is known for doing social work and feeding stray animals. But  social activist Sandeep Das Mohapatra states to media houses” This camouflage and tamasha during a pandemic when people are dying due to Covid-19 is not fair. Instead, if that gentleman had spent that money helping the poor, it would have served the purpose of mankind.” India recorded over 10 lakh coronavirus cases so far. And at present India ranks third in the list of countries worst affected by coronavirus. Apart from masks here are interesting coronavirus themed food from across the world. 

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