People Arrange A Frog Wedding In Udupi To Please Rain Gods

by Angel Srivastava
by Angel Srivastava 1164

While Mumbai was recently hit with it’s first monsoon shower, other parts of India still remain untouched by the rain. Summers have completely taken a toll over India, and nothing can prove it better than the desperate attempt to make it rain made by the residents of Udupi in Karnataka. The people of Udupi arranged a frog wedding complete with Mangalsutra and lunch, to please the rain gods.

What’s It?

While you still Netflix and chill alone on weekends, a group of people in Udupi, Karnataka decided that the best way to deal with a drought was by holding a wedding ceremony for two frogs. That’s right, on June 8th the Udupi Citizen’s Forum conducted a Hindu wedding ceremony for two frogs named ‘Varun’ and ‘Varsha’.

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Image Credits: The News Minute

The frogs were brought in from different villages and inspected at the Department of Zoology in Manipal before tying the knot. They were dressed in custom-made outfits and the female frog was even given a toe ring and a mangalsutra.

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Image Credits: Mangalore Today

Wedding invitations were sent across the town and guests were invited to offer prayers to the rain god for a downpour. Over a hundred guests attended the ceremony which was followed by lunch.

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Image Credits: The News Minute

The frogs were then sent on a “honeymoon” to Mannapalla, a village near Manipal, where they were released.

What’s More?

Here is how twitter reacted to the wedding of the year:

While people might find this ritual strange or funny to say the least, it is common for people from remote parts of India to part-take in such superstitious rituals when it comes to fighting drought. Over the years people have done everything from stripping naked to please the rain gods to participating in a frog dance to ensure enough rain for the season.

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Image Credits: The News Minute

While, post-wedding the weather does forecast rains in Karnataka, it is up to you to decide ‘weather’ it is just a lucky coincidence or Varun and Varsha’s holy matrimony did please the rain gods.

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