Maggi Stall At Big Fat Indian Wedding Makes Internet Happy In Just 2 Minutes

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1905

If there’s ever a constant food companion from our childhood to our college days, it’s got to be Maggi. The late-night Maggi making scenes in college hostels,  slurping on it with our families to enjoying a warm bowl of Maggi in street food stall, it’s truly a snack for all days, good or bad. See the signature tune, come across the yellow-red packet and bang! You’re flooded with memories of nostalgia, warmth and deliciousness.  That’s precisely how a Twitter user, Somya Lakhani felt when she saw a Maggi stall in her cousin’s wedding. This Maggi stall at a Big Fat Indian Wedding, truly made both kids and adults on the internet happy in just 2 minutes!

Maggi Stall At Indian Wedding Excites Foodies All Over Social Media

Twitter user Somya Lakhani recently posted a photo of a Maggi stall at her cousin’s wedding. She tweeted, “I love my cousin for being so thoughtful & ensuring there is a Maggi counter at her wedding tonight.” The photo shows a chef preparing Maggi on a stove. Beside the stove, there are many packets of instant noodles stacked above one another on the wooden rack.  A non-stick pan for preparing the dish was also placed near the stove. In a jiffy, just like Maggi, the tweet went viral on social media, garnering over 1300 likes.

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A netizen commented that this counter would definitely have been popular among the kids at the wedding. To this, Lakhani commented that both kids and adults loved this Maggi counter. While some were salivating and praising this unique stall, many others wished if they would join this wedding party. One person commented, “There’s No Way I Can’t Keep It In My Wedding.”Another one tweeted, “No points for guessing, it would have been one of the most populated counters!” Meanwhile, if you miss attending weddings, then here’s how you can visit a virtual wedding from the comfort of your home. 

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