Gruner See – A Park That Transforms Into A Lake In Summer

by Anindya and Chandani
Gruner See – A Park That Transforms Into A Lake In Summer

Wouldn’t your childhood have been a happier one if you had a park near your house, that turned into a lake in summer? Well, the children of Styria are definitely happy thanks to the Gruner See. Who wouldn’t be with a view like this?


Green Lake

Located in Styria, Austria, lies the Gruner See (Green Lake). Surrounded by Hochschwab Mountains and forests, the lake can be described as one of the most beautiful places to be. The name Green Lake originates from the emerald green water in this lake. Take a look!


During the winter, the lake is around 1-2m deep making it a shallow marsh land, which also functions as a park because of the negligible depth of water and of course due to the beautiful scenario.

During spring, when the temperature increases and the snow melts the water level rises making it into the lake it should be. Because of the surrounding beauty coupled with the emerald colour water, the lake transforms into something magical from a fairy tale. The best way to explore the park then is like the gentleman in the image below – with scuba gear!


If you are from a city like me, the serenity of the lake is exactly what you need!


Still don’t believe us? Here’s a video for proof:

If you are planning a Europe trip and traveling to Austria, we strongly recommend that you check out the lovely land of Styria.

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