Gucchupani Cave In Dehradun Overflowing With Tourists; Netizens Say, “This Is Not Vacationing, This Is Stressactioning”

A recent viral video shows massive travellers crowding at the famous Gucchupani Cave.

by Shreya Ghosh
Gucchupani Cave In Dehradun Overflowing With Tourists; Netizens Say, “This Is Not Vacationing, This Is Stressactioning”

Overtourism— an alarming term associated with the global travel industry. Is it a menace to tourism sectors worldwide? We are unsure about overtourism’s future impacts on the world but the present conditions are concerning. From Barcelona to Croatia, we have seen massive tourist footfall ruining travel experiences in multiple destinations in Europe and other continents. Sadly, we are witnessing similar conditions in India too. Dehradun’s Gucchupani Cave is grabbing everyone’s attention for a rush of travellers. Videos of visitors’ uptick are going viral.

Tourists Crowd Gucchupani Cave In Dehradun

Taking to X, Ashish Nautiyal (@ashu_nauty) shared a video of hundreds of tourists exploring this scenic destination recently.

Famously known as Robber’s Cave, Gucchupani Cave is one of the iconic places to explore in Uttarakhand. Nestled just 8 km away from the main Dehradun city, this alluring destination is home to breathtaking natural beauty and picturesque landscapes. The journey to witness its glory is quite fascinating too. Visitors usually enjoy a fantastic time travelling here and staying close to nature’s lap.

However, the travel experiences are worsening with more and more tourists visiting the cave. This recent viral video is a frightening example of overcrowding reported in touristy locations causing distressing situations. Forget about rejuvenating in serenity, even walking there looked like an impossible task as one needs to squeeze through among hundreds of visitors wishing to do the same.

A major reason behind the rise in travellers at quaint destinations is travel content on social media influencing wanderlusters to enjoy offbeat travel diaries. Travel enthusiasts love curating itineraries by taking inspiration from content creators’ recommendations.

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Netizens Are Concerned

Most of us desire to visit the remotest corners of the world and explore offbeat places enjoying the serenity. However, recent demands to travel to underrated locations have led to overcrowding in quaint places. X users are commenting on how the journeys to travel to these locations are becoming more difficult with travel content going viral on social media. Many are worried about the conditions in Dehradun’s Gucchupani Cave in the next 5-10 years.

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Have you ever faced any dire consequences of overcrowding while travelling to a famous tourist destination?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Ashish Nautiyal (@ashu_nauty) 

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