Redditor Shares Video Showing Passengers Without Ticket Infiltrating Katihar Intercity Express’s AC Coach; Netizens Say, “This Has Become A Norm”

The Reddit post mentioned that despite lodging a complaint with RailMadad, the infiltrators came back as soon as the officials left.

by Tashika Tyagi
Redditor Shares Video Showing Passengers Without Ticket Infiltrating Katihar Intercity Express’s AC Coach; Netizens Say, “This Has Become A Norm”

Many cases of passengers encountering people travelling without a train ticket or a ticket not specific to that coach have been coming out on social media. These folks do nothing but create a nuisance for other travellers who pay the high prices of AC coaches for a comfortable travel experience. Bringing another such incident into the spotlight, a Redditor posted a video of passengers without a ticket infiltrating the AC coach of Katihar Intercity Express. Read on to know the complete incident.

Reddit Video Shows Passengers With No Tickets Infiltrating Train’s AC Coaches

Look at the condition of Ac Coach, infiltrated by persons without ticket.
byu/DaacShaheb inbihar

A Redditor, @DaacShaheb, shared a video of people without tickets travelling by the AC coach of Katihar Intercity Express. The train travels from Bihar’s Katihar to Siliguri in West Bengal. The post was published on r/bihar and shared details about @DaacShaheb’s experience. According to the post, the Redditor was travelling in the AC coach of the train on June 20 and was quite miffed because of the inefficiency of the air conditioning in the coach. This was because people without tickets were constantly opening and shutting down the doors, making it impossible for the coach’s AC to function properly.

Seeing this, the Redditor raised the same complaint with RailMadad. Within 15 minutes, two officials and one guard came to the coach. They scolded and cleared out 2-3 people out of the coach who were travelling without a ticket. However, within minutes of clearing out the coach, those passengers came back and the video was taken after the officials had reportedly cleared it out! This complete disregard for authority and rules irked the Redditor and made them post about it on the platform.

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What Netizens Have To Say About This Incident

travelling without ticket
Image Courtesy: India Rail Info

The Internet shared their two cents on this entire matter. Some people said that infiltration in the AC coaches has become the new normal and even shared their own experiences. On the other hand, people pointed out that the reduced number of general coaches is one of the reasons why people are entering AC coaches without tickets. Seeing this video, many people even compared the train to a local bus! Here are some comments you cannot miss out on.



without ticket

without ticket

Can any issue justify entering and travelling in a coach you don’t have a ticket for? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

Cover Image Courtesy: Reddit/DaacShaheb

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