“Don’t Treat Our Country Like A Dumping Ground,” Redditor Writes Open Letter To Indian Tourists Visiting Nepal

The simple request is to be mindful of the impact one's actions can have on the host country.

by Nikitha Sebastian
“Don’t Treat Our Country Like A Dumping Ground,” Redditor Writes Open Letter To Indian Tourists Visiting Nepal

A recent open letter from a redditor signed ‘Nepali fellows,’ has sparked discussions about tourist etiquette, with a specific focus on Indian visitors to the Himalayan nation. The letter, addressed to “Dear Indian friends,” highlights the deep cultural ties between Nepal and India, but expresses concern over a rise in littering and disregard for local rules by some Indian tourists.

Open Letter To Indian Tourists

Open letter to Indian tourist from Nepal
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The letter acknowledges the close cultural bonds between the two countries, but emphasises the importance of respectful behaviour when travelling abroad. It discourages littering and loud behaviour, which have become sources of frustration for some Nepali citizens. The simple request is to be mindful of the impact one’s actions can have on the host country.

A specific concern raised in the letter is the disregard for traffic regulations by some Indian drivers. The influx of Indian tourists travelling by road to escape the heat has seen a rise in incidents where arrogance behind the wheel has resulted in violence. The letter urges Indian visitors to ditch the “I paid money, so I can do anything” attitude and instead, adopt a more respectful approach to following local traffic laws.

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Disrespectful Tourist Behaviour

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The letter also touches upon the issue of littering by Indian tourists who travel in large buses equipped for self-catering. While the open letter acknowledges that self-catering is acceptable, it strongly condemns the act of leaving garbage behind. It also highlights the minimal cost (between 5-10 Indian Rupees) of using public toilets in Nepal and expresses bafflement at why some visitors choose to relieve themselves on the roadside to avoid this small fee. The underlying message is that if basic amenities are not within budget, perhaps Nepal may not be the ideal travel destination.

Nepal’s gratitude for Indian aid and support is acknowledged, but the letter emphasises that the disrespectful behaviour of a few tourists is creating resentment. The call to action is for both countries to work together to preserve the strong bond they share. This can be achieved through mutual respect, where visitors adhere to local norms and customs, and the host country offers a warm and welcoming experience.

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Tourists can be mindful of their noise levels and waste disposal, respecting both the serenity of the environment and the efforts of the local community. Additionally, familiarising themselves with basic local customs and etiquette can go a long way in fostering a positive experience for all.

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