Nepal’s Lower Dolpo Circuit Is One Of The Remotest Treks In The World; More Than 200 KM, It Takes 14 Days To Complete

The lovely view at Phoksundo Lake will blow your mind!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Nepal’s Lower Dolpo Circuit Is One Of The Remotest Treks In The World; More Than 200 KM, It Takes 14 Days To Complete

Calling out to all adventuresome, pack your hiking shoes and necessities for a thrilling hike! Get ready to discover the magnificent, picturesque and remote areas of Nepal’s Dolpo with a difficult high-altitude trek that spans over 14 days. It might not be for the faint-hearted and also those who have commitment issues! But the splendid Himalayan landscapes of Nepal and unique experiences make up for the 14-day-long commitment. 

Nepal’s Remotest Trek, The Lower Dolpo Circuit, Offers Marvellous Views Of Himalayan Landscapes

Thrill seekers, you have to embark on Nepall’s Lower Dolpo Circuit trek which has been open to hikers since 1989. It is deemed as one of the remotest treks of the world with only a handful of hikers finishing the complete 14-day journey. This challenging 220 km trek starts from Dunai Palchekhola via Byasgar to Tarakot, which is nestled near the stunning Barbung Khola River.

Some of the locations you will trek on the Lower Dolpo Circuit are Numula, Bagala, Numa La Pass, Baga La Pass, Phoksundo Lake and many more. On the way, you visit monuments, engage with Dolpo’s culture and heritage, enjoy local cuisines and stay in tea houses and lodges. It is crucial to carry sufficient food supplies and tents as post-Bagala pass, you have access to hospitality. 

Upon visiting Phoksundo Lake, you will understand why it is such a popular destination in Nepal. The breathtaking views, serene landscapes and the stunning turquoise colour of the deepest lake in Nepal are straight out of Pinterest! Catch your breath and admire nature’s divine beauty. The residents living near this lake are the ethnic Tibetan-speaking community of Dolpa. You may interact with them and immerse yourself in their culture.

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What Is The Ideal Time To Plan This Trek?

The best time to plan for Nepal’s Lower Dolpo Circuit trek is the spring months i.e.March to May and the autumn months i.e. September to November. During Dolpo’s springtime, beds of rhododendrons bloom and while you trek, these dancing heads of flowers accompany you along the vast panoramic lands. Indeed an impressive sight to witness!

During the autumn months, the terrains of the mighty Himalayas offer endless views that you just can’t get enough of! These specific months are advised due to the cool nights and warm days with clear skies. It hugely impacts the trekkers and makes it easier to trek on rugged terrains.

Remember to gather permits for a 14-day trek to Lower Dolpo and Fhouksundo National Park beforehand.

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Happy trekking one of the most remote trails in the world!

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