Guide To Move Out Of UAE

by Deeplata Garde
Guide To Move Out Of UAE

Saying goodbye to UAE is one of the most difficult aspects of ex-pat life. When it comes to leaving the city, there are a few things to consider to guarantee a seamless transition. Set the path for a clean withdrawal from the nation by paying off bills, cancelling visas, and pulling the kids out of school. To ensure a smooth departure from UAE, we’ve put up a checklist. Follow the guide to move out of UAE.

Step By Step Guide To Move Out Of UAE

Cancelling Your Visa

The first task on your leaving from the UAE checklist should be the termination of your UAE visa. You must notify your employer immediately once you decide you will be leaving the country. Before emigrating, you must revoke your visa as well as the visas of your dependents.

It is critical to terminate your sponsored visa (employer-based) if you are working in UAE. This is a required step if your contract is coming to an end. It’s also applicable if you are departing from your position. While your visa approaches termination, you must hand up your passport (temporarily). Failure to do so may cause you to miss your flight. Furthermore, you risk being labelled an absconder by the immigration policies. Read the guide to move out of UAE to understand the other mandatory aspects.

Sort Your Finances

This ought to be your first concern. Nonpayment of a loan is a punishable crime that can result in arrest and imprisonment. If you have any obligations, immigration officers can prevent you from flying. If you try to leave the nation without first getting your finances in order, you may not get an entry. Before leaving the country, you must repay all outstanding loans and terminate any active credit cards

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School Transfer Certificate

A parent’s moving out of UAE checklist should include obtaining the school transfer certificate. It will be an essential document required when you apply to enrol in a new school. If you are departing before the conclusion of the academic year, you will then need to approach the school authorities to find out if there’s any chance of refund of the tuition fees paid in advance.

Close Bank Account

It’s vital to shut all the bank accounts before exiting the country. It will be a waste to keep the account open. Instead, you can transfer your money to other branches of the same bank if it exists in the relocated destination. The bank might provide you with the option of taking the cash of the remaining amount. But carrying a huge amount of money can be unsafe hence transferring the money to your account is the best way out.

Settle Your Taxes

Before leaving the nation, you should get expert guidance from tax attorneys or accountants to guarantee that you have no tax liabilities.

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