UAE Salaries: Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai Right Now!

by Deeplata Garde 1140

Companies around the world are still coping with the shock of COVID-19. Hiring trends and remuneration will shift slightly. The economy recovers and the labour market reverts to pre-pandemic levels. This year’s demand for new workers will be high and also the UAE salaries will increase. Health care, pharmaceuticals, human resources, sales, retail, finance, and oil and gas industries are surging. The year 2022 would be of explosive growth post covid.

UAE Has Improved Economic Activities And UAE Salaries Will Surge

Covid noticeably made the Arab’s second-largest economy slump. The recovery has been slow but steady market-wise. The government’s fiscal and monetary policies have improved over time. So for the job-seekers, this is the time to explore new fields. The pandemic has created the need for high-level hirings and a surge in UAE salaries. It has kind-off manipulated to rewrite its policies regarding the new work culture.

Rulebook Of An Ideal Employee

Employers in the UAE value excellent communication abilities in both English and Arabic. According to the studies, the individual honing soft and technical skills would be the preferred candidate. We live in an environment where we are heavily dependent on technology. So having basic knowledge of tech is not enough these days. The necessity for technology security grows, with a focus on apps and cloud security. Cyber-attacks have become a regular practice. , Hence firms are investing in risk management, threat intelligence, and auditing expertise.

Cloud computing, cyber security, digital media, and artificial intelligence workers are in high demand in 2022. Strategic talents such as company strategy, strategic planning, organisational growth, leadership, and team management are in demand.


Sector Min Salary Max Salary
Technology Dh12000 Dh60000
Healthcare and Life Sciences Dh6000 Dh160000
Retail Dh5000 Dh45000
Human Services  Dh20000 Dh48000
Legal Dh130000 Dh180000
Banking And Finance Dh18000 Dh185000
Consultancy And Strategy Dh20000 Dh120000
Digital Dh12000 Dh70000
Data Analytics Dh15000 Dh35000
Oil And Gas Dh20000 Dh50000