Gujarat Vendor Offers The Biggest Ice Gola Weighing Over 5 Kgs At ₹999

Biggest Ice Gola
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 699

Ice gola or chuski  is one of the most popular desi cold treats made with crushed ice and syrups of different flavours. Now, a giant ice gola weighing over 5 kgs, which is also touted to be the biggest ice gola in India, is going viral on the internet. This ice gola is from a street shop in Surat, Gujarat. To prepare this ice gola, a huge pile of ice is loaded with dollops of chocolate sauce, fresh cream, rabri, dry fruits, chocolate nuts and also four large scoops of ice cream. At one glimpse, the humongous gola looks whole-heartedly delicious.

India’s Biggest Ice-Gola Topped With Four Scoops Of Ice Cream, Mawa And Dry Fruits Goes Viral!

The video of the giant ice gola was shared on a YouTube page called Foodie Incarnate by food blogger Amar Sirohi. In the video, the food vendor first takes 3.5 kgs of crushed ice and shapes it into a cylindrical tower. He then pours generous amounts of green syrup, molten chocolate, rabri and fresh cream over the ice. Then the entire heap is dressed in grated mawa. These are topped with four ice cream scoops of four different flavours, namely cashew, American nuts, mango-almond and blackcurrant. In the next step, the tower gets literally bathed in more fresh cream. The vendor then puts oodles of cherries, cashews, chocolate chips, chocolate nuts, pineapple syrup, strawberry crush, mango crush, blackcurrant and chocolate sauce over the tower. The jumbo gola comes at ₹999. 

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The Ice Gola Leaves The Internet Divided

No matter how tempting the ice gola looks, its making has grabbed mixed reactions from the netzens. While some think that it is worth trying, others consider that too many ingredients were put together at one place. One user joked, “Bhai Tu Onion Garlic Aur Tadka de na bhul gaya.” Another wrote, Call it ice HALWA instead of ice gola”. Yet another expressed, “Superb yummy, I can eat alone, no need for ten people”

Biggest Ice Gola

Picture Credits: YouTube/Foodie Incarnate

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