Video Of Gulab Jamuns Injected With Old Monk Makes The Internet Happy High

by Suchismita Pal
Video Of Gulab Jamuns Injected With Old Monk Makes The Internet Happy High

A desi dessert that we all heartily love is gulab jamun. And what if these succulent balls are injected with dark rum? Sounds sinfully delicious, ain’t so? In a video, someone is seen INJECTING Old Monk with syringe into freshly made gulab jamuns and the internet is going bananas. The set up seems to be the balcony of a house. The video shows six gulab jamuns neatly arranged on a plate. The person in the video is first injecting the sweets with the rum and then topping them up with more of the drink. Only a pro tippler can have these sweets without getting high, we bet!

Make Boozy Gulab Jamuns At Your Next House Party

If you’ve tried rasgulla shots at the pub, the next time you can have a peppier version of it at your very own house party. That’s Old Monk loaded gulab jamuns, guys. The best part is, it’s super easy to make these boozy sweets. You only need ready gulab jamuns, Old Monk and a syringe. Inject the drink into the sweet, and then pour a bit more of the drink on it. You’re good to get tipsy in a lip-smacking way!

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Netizens Call The Sweet ‘Monk-Gulla’ And ‘Old Monk Jamun’

Soon after the video was posted, it got flooded with comments from enthusiastic boozers. One user wrote, “Now those are some Rumballs.” Another called the sweet “Monk-gulla”. Yet another called it “Old Monk Jamun”. The video has gone insanely viral, grabbing over 60K likes, 2K comments and 11K shares.

Old Monk Gulab Jamuns
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If you’re making it at home, keep in mind that at higher doses, the blend might get you severely sloshed. As sweets boost the intoxicating effect of any alcoholic drink. So, consume slowly.