Gujarat’s Modhera Is India’s First Solar-Powered Village. WOW!

by Sanmita A
Gujarat’s Modhera Is India’s First Solar-Powered Village. WOW!

India is slowly moving towards clean energy, and the Modhera village in Gujarat is all about it. Solar energy has been for a long time considered to light homes in India. However, with Modhera coming into the picture, it will not be long before more villages can draw benefits of the solar energy to the fullest. PM Narendra Modi will soon declare this village in Gujarat as India’s first solar-powered village. Read on to learn how Modhera was converted into a solar-powered village.

Modhera In Gujarat Is Powered By Solar Energy

PM Narendra Modi will be visiting Gujarat on a three-day visit where he will declare Modhera as India’s first solar-powered village. In order to convert the village into a fully solar, an amount of ₹80.66 crores were invested. The initiative was a joint effort by the Centre and the state. As per multiple media reports, solar panels have been installed in every house in the Modhera village. And an area of land near the Sajjanpura village has also been set up to provide battery storage for the systems. At night, the houses will be lit with the help of the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

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Modhera’s Sun Temple


The village also nestles the magnificent Sun Temple. PM Narendra Modi, during his Gujarat visit, will also inaugurate the 3D projection at the temple. The projection will showcase everything about Modhera’s Sun temple, its heritage and more about the other Sun temples located across the country. The permanent lighting within the premises of the Sun Temple will also be powered by solar energy. Further, PM Modi will also visit the other temple in Mehsana, during the visit. Along with the announcement of India’s first solar-powered village, the PM will also address the public in Mehsana and inaugurate more projects in the state.

With the introduction of solar energy, people will be able to save up to 60% on their electricity bills. What do you think of the solar-powered village?

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash