Gulab Jamun Burger Is The Latest Food Trend That Foodies Never Asked For

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Gulab Jamun Burger Is The Latest Food Trend That Foodies Never Asked For

With each passing day, food combinations are getting weirder. Just when we think that there cannot be a more weird food combination than this, the Internet flashes a new one. If ice cream pizza, Maggi pani puri, Rooh Afza Maggi, Fanta omelette, etc. were not crazy enough, gulab jamun burger is the latest trend that foodies are unable to digest.

Gulab Jamun Burger Is Infuriating Foodies On The Internet

A video has surfaced on the Internet where a street vendor can be seen selling gulab jamun burger. He takes burger buns and places slices of sugary gulab jamun inside them. To make the snack sweeter, he also drizzles sugar syrup on the slices. In the next step, he fries the gulab jamun-packed burger on a hot pan and cuts it into four equal pieces, ready to eat. Twitter user @Tabeshq has uploaded the video of the unique burger. The video by far has garnered more than 388K views.

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New Permutations And Combinations 

In the comments section of the video, Netizens spoke about how a new strange food combination is popping up every single day. One user sarcastically asked about the absence of ketchup and chocolate sauce on the burger, taking a dig at the innovator. The last trend that had shaken us was the Ketchup flavoured ice cream

Well, until we have such innovators around us trying out all the possible ( and impossible ) combinations, food trends will keep getting weirder. Let’s hope the next combination isn’t this bizarre!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/T and Unsplash