Bangaloreans Share Unpopular Food Opinions That Make Heads Turn

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangaloreans Share Unpopular Food Opinions That Make Heads Turn

Every other Bangalorean is a foodie. And many consider themselves food connoisseurs as the city offers plenty of opportunities for foodies to experiment with different cuisines from across India and the world. So, recently Bangalore foodies assembled on Reddit and shared their unpopular food opinions in the city. And it’s definitely made heads turn, shocked some and left others chuckling in agreement. Read on to check out these opinions.

Unpopular Opinion Involves Corner House Ice Cream

A netizen who goes by ‘QueefingPigeon’ took to Reddit to share that she visits Bangalore’s famous Corner House Ice Cream parlous and orders vanilla or vanilla chocolate chip ice cream without the iconic chocolate sauce. She finds the chocolate sauce too overpowering. Now, can you imagine anyone avoiding Corner House’s drool-worthy chocolate sauce? Another netizen prefers spicy sambhar instead of sweet sambhar with idlis.

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Netizen Finds Vidyarthi Bhavan Overrated

In an utterly shocking unpopular opinion, a Reddit user said that he finds 98-year-old dosa hub, Vidyarthi Bhavan, overrated. It’s not like what it used to be. Now, Vidyarthi Bhavan fans can take offence. Yet another unpopular opinion was that Bangalore doesn’t have a street food culture and there are no tasty momos in the city. When it comes to street food, a foodie confessed to liking North Indian sev puri more than South Indian sev puri.


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