Habib Bakery Takes You Back To The 80s With Delicious Treats At Yesteryear Prices


Dubai has a zillion bakeries and patisseries, but nothing beats the joy of re-visiting an age-old gem. Nestled in the busy lanes of Hor Al Anz, Habib bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in town. And for those who don’t know, Habib is more than just a bakery that sells lip-smacking knick-knacks. So, what makes this bakery special and loved in the city, you ask? Read on to find out!

What’s It?

An iconic bakery in Dubai, Habib bakery has been serving customers the yummiest goodies, for 32 years now. The bakery was started in 1987, by Kunhi Moyin and his brothers. Back then, Habib was the only bakery that functioned round the clock-making it a pioneer of a concept that never existed before.

Ever since then, the legendary confectionery shop hasn’t changed much. The bakery happily retains its old-world charm and this is one of the reasons why customers come back here. In a day, an average of 1600- 1800 customers flock in to binge on their warm treats. The number does reach 2500-2600 during festivities.

On The Menu

On the menu, foodies can find some of the best confectioneries. From signature premium cakes, to layer cakes, rolls, and puff pastries, Habib has a little something for everyone. However, the bakery is known for its Baklava- serving over 20 varieties of the Turkish delicacy. That aside, you can also indulge in Arabic sweets like Kunafeh, Shaabiyat, Qatayef, Bamia, as well as other Indian and Pakistani sweets.

Want to curb that sugar rush with something spicy? Head to their savoury section! Pick from chicken puff, mushroom quiche, burger, rolls, pizzas, fatayer or settle for the warm, buttery croissants. End your binge with a warm cup of coffee, made

How The Bakery Runs

Unlike any other bakery in town, Habib is open 24 hours, happily catering to Dubai’s late night hunger pangs. The ovens and machines are constantly on the go, churning lip-smacking sweet and savory delicacies. Currently, the bakery has 125 workers, of which about 30-35 of them have been there ever since the business started.

The bakery functions on three shifts (morning, evening and night) with 350 kgs of freshly baked dishes being made every 24 hours. Over 700-800 kgs of flour and 250 kgs of sugar are used in a day to whip these delicacies.

Years might have passed, but nothing about Habib has changed. Noted as one of the oldest bakeries in the city, Habib has an old-world charm which it retains till date. And it’s this homely homely touch that has made customer stay loyal to the brand. The bakery has been seeing a few faces for over 20 years now and that in itself means big success.


Location: Ground Floor, Habib Building, Opp. Abu Hail Clinic، Al Rasheed Road, Hor Al Anz, Deira
Timings: 24 hours
Contact: 04 269 1795

Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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