Halloween: How Did The Trick Or Treat Tradition Come Into Being?

by Shreya Ghosh

It’s that time of the year again when the autumn wind starts breezing with a calming and cooling change in weather. This is the time when people start making arrangements to celebrate the eerie spirit of Halloween. One of the many fascinating experiences of the spookiest of all celebrations is ‘Trick or Treat’. This bewitching part is a favourite of every child. There is a long story behind this tradition becoming well-known among many and here’s all you need to know about it!

What Is The Origin Of This Popular Halloween Tradition?


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Trick or treat is followed for a long time and it became massively popular in the US after the Second World War. The history of this tradition dates back to so many years and decades ago. It is said that this celebration is linked with the Celtic celebrations, according to a report by National Geographic. Some historians believe that children visiting neighbours’ houses to ask for food have chances of having connections with the early Celtic celebrations.

Not just the Celts, many often say that trick or treat is an old ritual of Christmas as well. Interestingly, the name of the custom ‘trick or treat’ is many decades old as the term is from the 1920s. Back then, Halloween was spookier, more spine-chilling, and a lot more thrilling.


Picture credit- Canva

Children and kids, mostly in the US, dress up in different looks and visit the homes of their neighbours to ask for amazing treats. They dress up by taking inspiration from different fictional characters and also carry a beautiful basket to run to people’s homes, ring doorbells, and ask for candy and treats. It is such a prominent part of Halloween today and kids absolutely love to enjoy this custom. It might look like something very recent but it dates long back to somewhere between the 1920s and 1930s.

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This Is How Kid’s Favourite Trick Or Treat Became A Well-Celebrated Tradition


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The tradition began with people coming together to visit others’ houses and performing some interesting tricks to get some treats in return.  This is not the only reason that is believed behind the beginning of the trick or treat tradition. It is also believed that people gave treats to only those who were not identified by them. Back then, people would only offer treats if they could not identify someone in the spooky Halloween looks, according to a report by Times Now News.

With time, the suburban neighborhoods of the US started developing and kids started getting more chances to visit nearby houses and ask for treats from their neighbours. This is a significant reason behind the prominence of trick-or-treat tradition today.

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Over the years, the customs and celebrations of Halloween have emerged to be popular in Western countries. Nowadays even people in India celebrate Halloween. You can often see people attending Halloween parties dressing up like some fictional spooky characters and looking absolutely stunning.

Kids, are you ready to grab your festive broomsticks and visit your neighbours’ houses to fill your candy baskets?

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