Happiness Hostels By Ex-IITians To Prevent Suicides In Kota!

by Madhusree Chatragadda 787

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Suicide point of the entire nation, Kota houses stifled dreams and aspirations, unrealistic expectations from young minds already away from home and constantly increasing pressure to performing better and outshining the already innumerable competition! Here’s a group of Ex-IITians helping these stressed students cope and prevent them from extreme measures.


Credits: The Hindu

What Is It?

To combat an alarming increase in suicides in Kota, some IIT alumni have devised ‘Happiness Hostels‘ out of existing staying accommodation for these students. How do they work? An IIT alumnus, Nikita Singh, explains to The Better India, “These hostels aim at giving easy access to facilities to students.”


Credits: The Better India

Games, both indoor and outdoor, internet services, books, activities and even a hall where students can simply relax and interact with one another are the services these Happiness Hostels give. Moreover, they also provide counselling to combat depression, stress and anxiety!


Credits: The Better India

What’s More?

Helping students save up to Rs 20,000, the hostels give a host of coupons and discounts for many restaurants and cafes!

Currently 100 in number, many more happiness hostels are to crop up to manage the students’ needs and give them a much-needed break. A team of specialized doctors are also available 24×7 for the benefit of students.


Credits: Preptube

Apart from the work these passionate individuals are doing to help decrease the suicide rate, we as a society also need to step back and analyze our education system and how harmful it has become for young children who then resort to end their lives in order to escape.

Success is aspirational but painting failures as the end and forcing ambitions can be fatal and the sooner we learn that we pull away another helpless child on the verge of suicide to a fulfilling and happy life!