Harsh Goenka Shares A Video Of Tree-Climbing Scooter; Calls It “Interesting Innovation”. Watch!

by Shreya Ghosh
Harsh Goenka Shares A Video Of Tree-Climbing Scooter; Calls It “Interesting Innovation”. Watch!

Climbing on trees might seem so fun and interesting but it is very hard to jump from one branch to another to reach somewhere on top of the tree. The obstacles increase to a huge extent when the tree is straight or curved such as coconut trees, palm trees, and more. Though it is very difficult to climb such trees, people end up taking risks and ascending these long trees to harvest produce. Well, this very common problem now has a solution. Harsh Goenka shared a video on Twitter that introduces us to an innovative gadget to climb trees with ease.

Harsh Goenka Shares An Interesting Innovation With The Netizens!

The Chairperson of the RPG Group amazed the Tweeple by showing a video of this mindblowing gadget that makes the process of climbing a straight tree or any pole just like a cakewalk. You can watch out the video here.

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Captioning the gadget as an “interesting innovation”, Harsh Goenka stated that this is not just a product of jugaad. As shown in the video, the gadget named tree-climbing “scooter” works extremely well and smoothly and surely functions the best of what it is supposed to do! As shown in the video, the men swiftly ascend to the top of the tree without any extra physical effort. They are just sitting on the machine and reach the top in just a couple of seconds.

Here’s Some Informations About The Tree-Climbing Scooter:

  • K. Ganapathi Bhat is the magician of this invention.
  • The gadget was perfectly built and shown to the world in 2020.
  • The man himself invested more than $50,000 in his invention, as reported by The Drive.
  • With this contraption, one can reach a height of 275 ft (84 metre) in just 30 seconds.
  • Not just for reaching the top of any pole or tree, the operator can rotate the machine in different directions.
  • This creative gadget is built with double shock absorbers, hydraulic disk brakes, some rubber wheels, a two-stroke engine, and a seat.
  • The tree-climbing scooter has the potential to carry a person with a maximum weight of 80 kg.
  • If you wonder how this gadget shared by Harsh Goenka will be useful to people. This can help to harvest crops and also spray pesticides.
  • Another great advantage is that it helps in decreasing the risks of climbing at such a height or on bumpy surfaces.

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So are you impressed with this innovation shared by Harsh Goenka just like us?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter/ Harsh Goenka (@hvgoenka)