Hawaii Fire: 6 People Killed In A Deadly Blaze Across Maui; Authorities Ordered Evacuation!

by Shreya Rathod
Hawaii Fire: 6 People Killed In A Deadly Blaze Across Maui; Authorities Ordered Evacuation!

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and is a paradise, especially Maui! However, a deadly blaze has taken over the island and has proven to be a disaster. This fire resulted in people fleeing the place and saving their lives. Here’s all you need to know about the Hawaii fire.

Hawaii Fire Kills 6 People!

At least six people were killed by wildfires driven by winds from a distant hurricane on Hawaii’s Maui island on Wednesday. Thousands were forced to flee, and some individuals dove into the ocean to escape the smoke and flames.

With only one route operational, the western part of the island was practically shut off as some neighbourhoods were completely destroyed, according to officials, who also reported extensive damage to Lahaina, its harbour, and the surrounding districts.

The most popular tourist destination on Maui, Lahaina, is home to numerous big hotels, and aerial video showed pillars of smoke rising from block after block of that city. Western Maui was off-limits to everyone but emergency personnel and evacuees as firefighters battled three large fires.

Parts of the Big Island of Hawaii were also charred by the fires, which broke out Tuesday night. Thousands of acres burned, according to the sources.

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Authorities Have Ordered Evacuation

According to Ed Sniffen, the Hawaii Department of Transportation, at least 4,000 visitors were attempting to exit western Maui. He further stated that the Maui airport was completely operational, and airlines were slashing prices and providing waivers to get people off the island even though at least 16 roads were closed.

Social media users shared photographs of panicked refugees showing plumes of smoke enveloping once-peaceful beaches and palms. While there is enough shelter space for an emergency reaction to the burning wildfires in Maui, Gov. Josh Green of Hawaii claims that there is not enough shelter for long-term living.

According to a CNN report, he advised people to visit the island another time, emphasising that the locals are still fighting to recover from the extraordinary flames. He predicted that a few thousand individuals will require houses.

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At present, the authorities are trying their best to control the situation and get everyone to a safe place.

Cover Image Courtesy: @FaucisBeagles/ Twitter