Hawaii Wildfire: Lahaina’s Landmarks Like Centuries-Old Church, Banyan Tree & More In Ruins

by Shreya Rathod
Hawaii Wildfire: Lahaina’s Landmarks Like Centuries-Old Church, Banyan Tree & More In Ruins

Hawaii, the paradise island, is witnessing the worst wildfire of the decade. With major parts of the island engulfed in deadly blaze, many locals have lost their lives and several are injured. As for infrastructure, beaches, restaurants and iconic landmarks that were more than a hundred years old have been ruined! In Lahaina, a centuries-old church, an old banyan tree and other landmarks were destroyed by the fire as well.

Hawaii Wildfire: Landmarks In Lahaina Were Ruined By The Fire!

Lahaina in Maui is a popular tourist destination and draws nearly 80 per cent of the total tourist population. However, it is still unknown how much of that heritage is still visible after deadly and destructive fires raged across Maui.

Local authorities have reported that dozens of establishments have been damaged, including a large portion of the town’s famous Front Street. The Lahaina Town Association stated in an update that the town’s historic waterfront is gone.

Theo Morrison, Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s executive director, stated that the hurricane was supposed to pass to the south. However, that never happened and nobody had planned for a backup. When the fire started to spread, everyone was in jeopardy and surprised.

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Church, Banyan Tree And Other Places Destroyed!

Lahaina has a lengthy history that predates the arrival of European settlers in Hawaii in 1778 and is noteworthy in terms of both culture and politics. There were traces of this history all across the city up until the most recent fire.

The city’s Baldwin Home, for instance, served as a home for some of the town’s first missionaries and doctors. The city’s historic courtroom served as a museum showcasing Hawaii’s past. Other sites that have apparently been destroyed include a nearby Buddhist temple that was established 90 years ago and a 200-year-old church that is thought to be the first on Maui.

Few places in Lahaina are as well-known as the town’s 60 feet tall, 46 trunk banyan tree. It was located in a park maintained by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation and became 150 years old this April.

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According to the town’s website, the tree should survive because if the roots are healthy, it will probably grow back.

Cover Image Courtesy: Steffen Dietz/ Twitter