Head Over To TBF In Bengaluru To Try 30 Varieties Of Fries

by Jeelani Shareif
Head Over To TBF In Bengaluru To Try 30 Varieties Of Fries

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Tall Blonde French in Bengaluru is serving over 30 varieties of fries and yum cake-shakes and we are loving it.

What Is It?

How do you eat your fries? Just sprinkled with salt. Not anymore. Try them with melted cheese and a variety of sauces, and sip on a scrumptious shake with it. Fries just became gourmet variety, with TBF’s in-house gravies, mayo’, sauces and masalas. That are a new level of yum! They range from cheesy- the trippy kind, maggie mixed to Schezwan style. These can make you ‘oooh aah’ or send you on a trip to fries heaven. Cake-shakes are your new-age desserts in a jar at TBF, they will drown you in a sumptuous slush of deliciousness . It’s time to give up on your diet and head here.

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Bae Fries at TBF

What’s In It?

It’s a no fuss, cute and simple shop, that meets, greets and fills you on yummy goodness. Inviting you to come back for a repeat order. The best recommendations come from the staff.  If you are a first timer at TBF,  then you need to be patient as the wait is long,  but with a delicious end result . If you are stuck in the line waiting for your order, then you need to start taking selfies. It’s a cutesy yellow box that is Instagram friendly, with hoards of fries died in delectable gooey sauces.

Oreo Shake at TBF

What Else?

TBF has a whole new take on non-vegetarian fries. Spill The Beans Chicken Fries are chicken shreds in chipotle flavoured with lime, a Mexican twist that is sweet, spicy and tangy. It gets even more exciting when you try Bollywood Fries from the vegetarian side,that are tandoori flavoured Or Blonde that are topped with gooey cheese, or gorge on your favourite dish as Butter Chicken Fries- prepared with their in-house butter chicken gravy. Sip on the popular Red Velvet Cake-Shake, or the all time favourite Oreo Shake, if these are yet to satisfy you then try their desserts with some vegetarian and non-vegetarian wraps.

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Address: 50/1, Opposite Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala 5th Block
Phone: +91 9880614444
Approx Cost: ₹ 450 for 2 people

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