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by Sanjana Shenoy

Street food is a favourite amongst every one of us. Be it gulping the crunchy gol gappas or relishing a roll or shawarma, food forms an intricate chord with our lives. But behind the food we eat, we have stories. Today is one such story of courage, patience and quality when it comes to everyone’s favourite breakfast snack- Misal Pav. Nashik is known for many things- from the cool climate to being the Wine capital of the country but many outsiders may not have known until now about a certain woman of 90 years who is making Misal Pav every day in the most authentic and delicious manner possible. That woman in Sitabai, a dedicated 90-year-old woman who has been running Sitabai Misal since the past 70 years. And every customer of hers loves her delicious Misal which reflects love, nostalgia and authentic food.

Picture Credits: Nashik Traveller

Sitabai’s Resilience

Located in Chavhata, Old Nashik is the humble shop of Sitabai Misal. But what is the enduring fact is that even at the age of 90 years, she always prefers to make her Misal on her own. Many years ago when tragedy struck in the form of her husband suffering severe paralysis, Sitabai took the financial reins of her family in her own hands.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Nasik’s World Famous Misal

That was 70 years ago and now, almost a decade later, Sitabai’s Misal has stood the test of time and has been the delight of everyone who has the fortune of tasting her Misal. Sitabai believes in her tradition and always uses fresh ingredients to make the Misal Pav. People swear by her food and have said that it never harms one’s health and is always consistent regarding taste and quality.

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Picture Credits: Nashik Traveller

Traditional Misal Pav

Even till this very day, Sitabai prepares her Misal in the traditional way on a chulha lit by coal, cow-dung and wood. She prepares the meal only once in the morning and personally looks in the measurement of the ingredients. This delicious meal has been enjoyed by many who prefer taste and quality over ambience. When you’re in Nashik you there’s A Luxurious Cave-House Stay At Gumpha Farmhouse In Nashik

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Nasik’s World Famous Misal

Her Misal has brought different people from different classes together to enjoy a meal that is wholesome, delicious and good for the health. Even now, Sitabai loves to prepare the meal in the morning, just like she has been doing since 70 years. Did you know Netflix fame ‘Dalchand’ From Delhi Has Put India’s Street Food On World Map?

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Respect and hats off to 90 year old Sitabai who started making misal 70 years ago and continues to do so even in this day and age. The speciality of her misal is that she still makes it the traditional way over chula (with cow dung), instead of using gas. She cooks only once in the morning and believes in serving healthy food for everyone. ?: @f4foodi . . . Address: Sitabaichi Misal,422001, Vrindavan Colony, Naikwadi Pura, Koknipura, Nashik, Maharashtra 422001 . . . . . . . #sitabai #nashik #maharashtra #women #celebratingwomen #celebrates #curlytales #female #travels #igdaily #igdailypic #photooftheday #like4like #newstoday #happy #instagood #picoftheday #follow #friends #repost #nature #girlpower #grlpwr #womensday

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Address: SitabaiChi Misal, Vrindavan Colony, Naikwadi Pura, Koknipura, Nashik