Here Are Some Beautiful Pictures Of Empty Bangalore During Lock Down

by Sanjana Shenoy
Here Are Some Beautiful Pictures Of Empty Bangalore During Lock Down

Do you feel that quietness that is occasionally broken by the crackle of a branch, the rustling of leaves and the melody of birds? Now every day as the warm sun rays enter our bedroom, we wake up in a solemn manner. We do not know how many of us truly feel like we are all in a resort, away from the busy humdrum of life? Is it not ironic that before we have always wished to escape the city and now, every city in the world is an oasis of peace and beauty?

Picture Credits: Sudha Ramen IFS

What’s More?

Namma Garden City too has been decorated with the beauty and tranquillity that is nothing shy of a dream. Much like from the pages of a storybook, Bangalore exudes a sense of peace unlike ever before. Amidst the lockdown, everything else is shut in the city. The vibrant pubs to the slow traffic, overnight, Bangalore transformed. Initially, much like every change, it seemed catastrophic but now the citizens are discovering the beauty. Every photographer would leave no stone unturned to capture this scenic beauty away from the chaos of people. Sneaking their way from the police, these photographers have captured surreal images of the city. Come, experience Namma Bangalore unlike every before. A month back, Bangalore even witnessed pink Cherry Blossom like flowers all over the city. The city was painted pink all over.

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From the winding streets covered shadowed with trees guarding as sentinels

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To the mesmerizing sunsets

Even the horizon seems so fine, much like a meticulous artist’s brush.

No honking, no vroom-ing, just empty roads

Bangalore spells beauty during this lockdown. The streets are empty, the roads are devoid of any traffic and the gardens are not just restricted to Lal Bagh and Cubbon, but have filled every nook and cranny with vibrancy. So while you can’t step out of your home to experience this beauty for yourself, do open your windows, sit out on your balconies and take a glimpse at the lush greenery the city has to offer. Bangalore Breathes Fresh Air After Decades As Air Quality Improves Due To Lockdown