Here Are 10 Best Gujarati Places In Delhi That Offer More Than Just Dhoklas

best Gujarati places
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 3485

Delhi is a place for all tribes and tastes. They come from everywhere and settle down here because everyone can feel at home in this alien city. Who came first Gujaratis or dhoklas? Who knows, and who cares anyway! We have a strict policy of eating first and asking questions never. We share with you the best Gujarati places in Delhi NCR; sharing is caring after all!

1. Gujarat Bhawan

Picture Credit: Flickr (for rep)

Delhi is blessed with canteens from all states and they usually keep cuisines authentic. The best Gujarati places definitely includes this one. It will transport you to Gujarat for sure! Enjoy unlimited servings in your gigantic thali in true Gujarati style.

Where is it: Chanakyapuri

2. Suruchi

Picture Credit: Flickr (for rep)

Another unlimited extravaganza, this restaurant has maintained the sanctity of Gujarat within its walls. They also serve Jain food without onion or garlic for the pious peeps. Their dhoklas are everybody’s Gujarati guilty pleasure.

Where is it: Karol Bagh

3. 7 States

best Gujarati places

Picture Credit: fullonwedding (for rep)

As the name suggests, this is a multi-cuisine restaurant and one of the best Gujarati places in Delhi. If you find the traditional Gujarati thali outdoing your appetite, this is the place for you. They serve enough food for you to be satiated and not feel guilty about wastage.

Where is it: Connaught Place

4. The Melting Pot Tiffins

Picture Credit: Sigdha (for rep)

Their beautiful name represents India’s spirit of different cultures melting into one pot together. They blend Kashmiri, Goan, Rajasthani, South Indian, Bengali and Gujarati, all in one tiffin and bring it to your doorstep. With a homely touch, this is one of the best Gujarati places.

Where is it: Delivery only

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5. Panchvati Gaurav

Picture Credit: weddingokay (for rep)

The panchvati is actually chaarguna. They serve over twenty kinds of dishes and different kinds of thalis. Naturally, they have something for everyone in all Gujarati flavours from thepla to sandwich dhokla. Their diversity definitely makes them a must visit and one of the best Gujarati places in Delhi NCR.

Where is it: DLF CyberHub Gurgaon

6. Bombay Bhel House

best Gujarati places

Picture Credit: Yadav Namkeens (for rep)

We know what you’re thinking but don’t forget how many Gujaratis live in Bombay. This is without a doubt our top pick from the best Gujarati places for street food. There’s no seating and that’s the whole vibe of street food, isn’t it?

Where is it: Kamla Nagar

7. Toran Dining Hall

Picture Credit: thedailyraddish (for rep)

This is one of the best Gujarati places for whatever customisation you would like. They serve limited and unlimited thalis, all kinds of flavours and very easy prices. Just hop in and take your pick of food and budget, and dig in!

Where is it: Civil Lines

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8. Thaliwada Rajbhog

best Gujarati places

Picture Credit: Wikipedia Commons (for rep)

Noida is catching up and we know this because the best Gujarati places are coming up there too. This is an all vegetarian restaurant in true Gujarati spirit. They also have a thali system but, are very pocket friendly, specially for locals without much travel cost for a great location.

Where is it: Jaypee Greens

9. The Dhokla House

Picture Credit: Wikipedia Commons (for rep)

The only complaint people have from one of the best Gujarati places is that they can’t get enough of it. People love ordering fresh from here but, they’re often closed for delivery. So, try to visit instead of waiting along for them to accept delivery orders because they’re worth it.

Where is it: Sector 50, Gurgaon

10. Gujarati Namkeen Bhandaar

best Gujarati places

Picture Credit: Wikipedia Commons (for rep)

The second street food gem on this list, they have great options for long term Gujarati bingeing. They stock every kind of Gujarati snack for your home cabinet. They also have great bhel puri and vada pao. This is your best bet for getting khakhras and khaman in Delhi NCR.

Where is it: Rohini

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If you thought you can’t get what you want in the capital city, you stand corrected. The best Gujarati places are spread all over town. So, don’t blame the traffic for missing out on experiences. Just go out and get your hands on what your heart (or belly) desire!

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